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  1. zoomzipper


    Yes, you can still continue to stay. The h1 really doesn't get 'transferred' This term causes most of the confusion.
  2. zoomzipper

    Laid off while in india

    There is no way that flights are going to resume even in July from India to US for non immigrants.
  3. You are 250% above the poverty line and how much are you planning to save on the cost of the internet under the Lifeline program?
  4. zoomzipper

    Am I in 60 day period?

    You need to get your terminology straight. If an officer visits you and questions you and you say you were "laid off by your client" and "contract house is paying you" .. you will have a LOT of explaining to do!
  5. Just a reality check.. there is no way that India is going to allow flights from US to resume by April 15. They said they will resume services for "certain countries". No reason to believe US will be on this list given that it is now #1 with COVID19 cases. I dont expect flights will resume before end of May.
  6. zoomzipper

    H1B 221 (G)

    It clearly states what you need to do in case you didn't receive any email.
  7. You made the mistake which I always avoided.. do not join a different employer until the transfer is approved.
  8. zoomzipper

    RFE new rule

  9. zoomzipper

    H1 Transfer - When having non-compete agreement

    Bad idea. I woudnt go ahead.
  10. zoomzipper

    H1B Extn RFE - Employee - Employer Relationship

    When you say "they" are saying it's not sufficient, who is "they"? "They" can tell you what else is needed isn't it?
  11. zoomzipper

    RFE on Amendment, H1 Extension approved

    "Can i revoke my Amendment as my H1 is already approved. Or do i still have to reply the RFE? If i reply..." It is not YOU who has to reply to anything but your employer. You can check with him why he took certain actions and whats the next plan of course and then report back here.
  12. zoomzipper

    H1B denied before RFE Due date

    Its possible that USCIS found wrongdoing on part of your employer and proactively denying all H1bs. Otherwise you can ask your employer's attorney to call up USCIS and check if this was in error.
  13. No, it should be fine I think, I doubt anyone checks the dates on your resume that closely.
  14. zoomzipper

    H1B Visa Extension Rejected

    What is your education and skill set? What jobs will be you applying for?