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    @vijaisekar "If you file a new h1 then make sure to withdraw your current application from the consulate" Do we really need to withdraw current application if you are applying for new one? My latest H1B visa got rejected(denied after 221G orange at Kolkata) but still my old visa application (221G green at chennai) is under admin processing.. To my knowledge..if the new visa gets approved, the old visa application will be cancelled by consulate itself. And the petition will be still valied till the old employer/current employer cancels it. (there was a similar case last year in my company) I did lot of research on this and got confirmation from my company's immigration attorney that the current application can be left as is...Anyway correct me if I am wrong.. @SD1976: Check with your attorney before with drawing current application. When you apply for new H1B petition...make sure that vendor name is mentioned clearly in letter to USCIS if you are in EVC model. Direct client is best option...
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    @VisaBlues Jan 9, 2012 EVC
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    Hi All..here is my case.. EVC H1B extension 1st Interview: Dec 1, 2011 Chennai Handed 221G green form requesting for petitioner related documents. Documents submitted on Dec 12 at Hyd VFS Requested Senate office help on Feb 18, 2012. Consulate replied to Senate office that case is under admin processing etc., standard response ....on Fe 23, 2012..no update yet Meanwhile, I applied for a new H1B petition with another employer. Went for Visa interview at Kolkata on Jan 9..again got 221G orange form requesting to submit petitioner related documents. Documents submitted on Jan 17, 2012 Email from VFS Kolkata ... March 21 Your passport with ref no.XXXXXXXXX is ready for delivery by courier except H.A.L.You may also collect it Today from the VFS Kolkata centre between 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. Please note this is an auto generated e-mail. Please do NOT reply to this email. Really excited as no one from new employer got denial in past. Received ppt on Mar 23 without stamp and included a letter explaining about the denial...same standard letter....no specific information is provided. My previous 221G at chennai is still under admin processing. Is there anyone who got re-affirmation of petition returned to USCIS. If yes, how long it takes... Its really frustrating...but nothing much we can do...took one step ahead and applied for new H1 but stil of no use. Filing new petition is a good idea but you need to find direct employment... Goodluck to all..