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  1. When citizenship interview notice is mailed (by USCIS), does the online my case status is updated? Appreciate if you could share your experience on this. Thanks!
  2. Thanks JoeF. Your are right, that interview scheduling is since Jun 2017. It is a indeed a long wait. The intent of my question was to know if anybody has received interview call from Houston field office who submitted N-400 during Dec '16 - Jan '17time frame.
  3. 1) Green card photocopy: BOTH sides 2) I sent check (easy to track and keep record); see what convenient to you? 3) Photographs are taken in USCIS office during biometrics if you are in US (i.e. no photographs during application if applied in US) Hope it helps you.
  4. Submitted N-400 application in Jan 2017. Processing center is Houston TX Field Office. Interview scheduling is pending since Jun 2016. Waiting for N-400 interview letter from USCIS. Question is if anybody is similarly waiting for interview (from Houston Field Office) , submitted N-400 within 2-3 months of Jan 2017, and would like to share his / her current status. Thanks for sharing information.
  5. To answer your question, yes, I have received my GC. My PD is Mar 12, 2008. EB2, India GC approved Mar 21, 2012. GC received by mail at home on Mar 27, 2012 for myself and my family members.
  6. After more than 44 months of waiting (EB2, India, PD: Mar, 2008) my family and I have received our GC, all except for my daughter who aged out and missed the I-485 application by 3 months (includes adjustment of I-140 approval waiting period per CSPA rule). We also submitted I-824 on Nov, 2009 anticipating that it would possibly preserve my child’s ability to complete the permanent residence process with the rest of the family. She is now final year engineering student on F-1 status. My question is should we apply I-485 or I-130 for her?
  7. hampton

    December Bulletin: Lets track EB Approvals

    EB2, India Center: TSC PD: Mar 12, 2008 FP: Jan 13, 2012 Today, Mat 21, 2012, 'My Case Status' shows "card / document production". It seems USCIS is adjudicating many cases before it going to retrograde. Good luck to everybody!