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  1. timbu007

    221g white ottawa march 27

    Hi, I do not want to discourage you but this is on the embassy website: "Consular officers in Canada may refuse to issue a visa to first-time H1B applicants if the applicant's education and/or work experience is solely or predominantly from a country other than the United States or Canada. In the absence of U.S. or Canadian education or work experience, we strongly encourage you to apply from your country of residence." Please only go if you do not have any other option.
  2. timbu007

    Toronto visa stamping

    Thanks! You could contact me on replytotejas@gmail.com. Good luck.
  3. timbu007

    Toronto visa stamping

    As far as I know only the DS-160 is submitted online. Rest all the documents should be taken with you personally. I had the following documents with me: 1. Visa interview confirmation 2. Copy of DS-160 3. Passport 4. I-797 Approval notice 5. Petition letter 6. Copy of the LCA 7. Original offer letter, Review letter, and a current employment verification letter stating that I am employed as a full time employee. 8. W-2’s from last 3 years and tax returns for the same. 9. All Pay stubs till date 10. Master’s degree diploma, Official transcripts, Bachelor’s as well 11. EAD card 12. I-20’s
  4. timbu007

    Toronto visa stamping

    Please find the link below for scheduling your appointment. http://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome You would have to fill in the DS-160 prior to scheduling your appointment.
  5. timbu007

    Toronto visa stamping

    Hello everybody, First of all thanks everybody for providing feedback on H1b stamping in Canada. My 2 cents about the H1b stamping. I had to go to Canada for company work so I did not have any choice but to get the stamping done in Canada despite hearing horror stories about some people. I sincerely wish them good luck and pray for them I flew in to Toronto late at night around 10 pm. I found out that my checked in luggage wasn't there at the airport as it had not been transferred by the airline in Houston and would be able to receive it only in the afternoon the next day. I was left with no option but just the same pair of jeans and polo t-shirt for the interview and sport shoes. I had an appointment on March 12th, 2012 at 9:45am. As usual with the mentality I thought I would go ahead of time. I reached at 8 am , went to a Starbucks close to the consulate had tea and sat there for an hour. At 9 am went and stood in the line at the consulate only to be told to be there if your appointment is in the next 15 minutes . So sat on the railing of the parking lot for the next half an hour. At 9:30 the lady started checking the documents. Showed her the docs and then she allowed me in. The security scanner scanned for any metals, phones, electronics etc. Although I did see people getting their cell phones in the consulate, I personally recommend not bringing any electronics with you. After security check in there is a person who would ask for your passport and DS-160 confirmation receipt. He would put some sticker and hand over the documents back to you. Few steps ahead there was another person who took those documents and put it in the blue folder and verified my name and my DHL delivery address. He asked me to go through the glass door. As I entered through the door, there was a line which lead to counters 1 to 4. Gave the lady on the counter 1 my file. She gave me a token and asked me to wait in the waiting area. After some time my number appeared on the screen and went to counter 9 to provide my finger prints. After that the wait began. Finally at around 11am my number was called. VO: Good morning, How are you? me: Good morning to you too, I am good how are you? VO: Good. Which company do you work for? me: XXXXX VO: How did you get this job? me: XXXXXX VO: Where is this company and where do you stay? me: told her VO: What does this company deal in? me: gave a 2 line answer VO: What do you do? me: told her about my responsibilities in 2 lines again VO: Whom do you report to? me: told my boss's name VO: Same location? me: I said yes VO: Where did you get your US degree from? me: told her VO: Did you start working immediately after your OPT? me: I said Yes VO: May I see your petition letter? me: I showed it to her. By this time I was starting to get a bit nervous. VO: I am approving your visa and you should be getting your passport in the next 3-5 business days. Thanked her and came out of the consulate. Guys and girls- Be cool, calm and relaxed. And if you have all the documents with you need not worry about anything. Answer questions confidently and look straight up in the eyes. You do not have to worry when you know you are not doing anything wrong. I do agree dressing is important but not as important as having all the documents. I have learnt this from my experience. Please let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Tejas