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  1. Hello All, I have question regarding traveling abroad while AP application (renewal, not initial) is still pending. I am the primary applicant and my spouse is planning to travel abroad as soon as possible and return in February 2014. My spouse's current EAD/AP combo card expires on May 05 2014. We are planning to send the renewal application as per 120 days guideline during 1st week of Jan 2014. Below are some questions. 1. When AP renewal application is sent during first week of Jan, is the applicant needed to be in US or can an application be sent while the applicant is abroad (considering this is renewal). In other words, can she travel prior to the "120 days before" date. 2. In case she is required to wait until the renewal application is sent, can she travel during the time when application is pending or does she need to wait until it is approved (even though , previous AP is valid until May) ? 3. If allowed to travel while the application is pending, what date should be the departure date i.e. is it the date when application was sent or is it the date when USCIS receives the application. Thanks for reading !
  2. Hi All, I have a potential job offer coming soon from an employer. Planning to work on EAD using AC21 (485 pending more than 180 days). Potential employer allows only GCs and Citizens, never allowed EAD before. They do not want go get involved in the process i.e. have thier Legal/HR team file AC21 notification on my behalf, BUt they are willing to support with any documentaion needed (employment letter etc..) for me to file AC21 notifications on my own (or with an attorney). I am assuming this is fine (sending AC21 notification on own or with attorney). However, they and I have some concerns, below are some points. 1. Since I am changing employers, at this point does this mean that they are technically sponsoring my GC and are responsible for all questions/RFEs related to "Position" in future in case there are questions on my labor and I140 even though they are approved ? 2. All they (and I) would like to know is.. IS this OK for me to change employers without have any impact on my potential GC... while their stand is - "We can only provide, employment or offer letters and nothing else" ? I am planning to seek legal counsel when I get the job offer, but wanted to reach out to the user community to find out If I need to be aware of anything right off the bat - that could have an impact on my GC appliation considering future employer's stance on the level of thier involvement/commitment as far as my GC is concerned.
  3. Hi All, Recently we applied for EAD & AP Extension/Renewal for myself and my spouse. PD is March 2009. We received the "Combo card", However, for me (primary applicant), the card is valid for 2 years and for my spouse the card is valid for one year. Both of us are from same counrty (India). Would like to know if this is normal or should I bring this to USCIS' notice ?
  4. This is regarding recent news from DOS regarding the potential retrogression of EB2 dates back to August 2007,below is my situation and few questions. My EB2 Priority date is as of March 2009, I140 approved. Currently in India since last 3-4 months, was in India when the priority date moved recently. Will be traveling back to US in April 1st week and planning to file I485 ASAP. Questions: 1. assuming the EB2 cutoff dates retro back to August 2007 in May 2012, do I have time till the end of April to file I-485 or will I have to file it before the May bulletin comes in (usually around 2nd week of April). 2. My spouse is planning to Join me later, but due to recent developments we have this question - does she need to travel along with me to have her I-485 filed in time. In other words, assuming I file my 485 on time in April and then the dates retro back in May, can we have her 485 filed when she is back to US in May ?