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  1. Hi, Were you able to file I-485 with your previously approved EB3 I -140..? I work for a fortune 100 company and in similar situation. My original I-140 was approved under EB3 category with Nov'2009 PD. 4 years ago I was promoted and upgraded to EB2 with same company. As per my attorney, EB3 position does not exist, so we cannot file for 485 with the old EB3 I-140. One option I am still pursuing is to check if I can downgrade my current I-140 to EB3 wihtout requiring a new PERM. I am still awaiting response from the attorney. Please do let us know if you were successfull in filing I-485 with previously approve EB3 I-140. Thanks
  2. vanvi

    h1b stamping in Vancouver Canada Questions

    Hi, I just had my stamping in Vancouver on May 2nd and I am back in US. I cannot answer your 1st question as I am a full time employee and not sure how it works if you are in EVC model. For you 2nd question, no need to visit the consulate the prior day for finger printing. They will take the finger printing at the time of interview. For your 3rd question May 25th is risky, your appointment is on Wednesday and sometimes it can take 3 to 5 business days before you get the passport back. In my case my visa was approved on May 2nd Wednesday and got my passport back on Monday May 7th. I would suggest plan for at least 5 business days. As far as my interview, they just asked me how long i was working for the company. They did not even check my client letter (Note: I work as FT for a reputed US Firm, So it might not be the same case for everyone.). Good Luck!. Thanks
  3. vanvi

    H4 to H1 transfer

    There is no specific LAW which says you are not eligible to work if you travel out side of US on your existing status after the COS is approved and comeback before your H1 start date. There has been a discussion on the topic from senior folks.. We are in the same limbo where my wife needs to travel to India in august once her H1B petition is approved for 2013 Quota. Writeup from Murthy Law Firm http://www.murthy.com/print/n_cosapp_P.html and also follow the topic "Currently on H4, can I start work after I-797?" It should be some where in the 3rd page
  4. vanvi

    Non-Compete Issue

    Hi, My Cousin works in a EVC model and he is currently on OPT. His OPT is valid till May 2013 and the client he is currently working offered him full time. His employer says he cannot accept full time with the client as he signed a Non-Compete agreement. During initial hiring process his employer made him sign a 20 page document where one of the clause is the Non-Compete agreement. Is there any way to accept the full time offer from client and will there is any issues if the employer proceeds legally..? Please advise. Thanks
  5. vanvi

    Currently on H4, can I start work after I-797?

    Thank You!! all for your response.
  6. vanvi

    Currently on H4, can I start work after I-797?

    Hi JoeF, My Wife is on H4 and she is filing for COS to H1B. As you mentioned in one of the posts that H1B will be valid from 1st of October and her status would be H4 till Oct1, Can she travel to India in June and come back before September on the existing H4 visa OR does have to go for the H1 Stamping..? Please Advice. Thanks
  7. Hi, Jcoppo. Congratulations!! I am in similar situation where i joined the company with 4 years experience and the management is ready to promote me to the next level. I job duties are around 40% different for the new position, but my company immigration department is not ready to file for a new PERM as my existing PERM can be ported over to the new position. I am still trying to convince them, lets hope they agree and file new PERM. Thanks.
  8. Hi Everyone, Me (H1 - Stamping) and my Wife (H4 - Stamping) are going to Vancouver on May 2nd. My case, i completed my masters from Canada and got my first H1 stamping in Ottawa in 2005. In 2008 i got my extension and went for stamping in MEXICO. I now work as FT employee and going for stamping, not sure what to expect. But reading through this thread, it makes me nervous. Hope all the pending cases in Vancouver get cleared soon. Good Luck!
  9. vanvi

    H4 to H1

    My Wife completed her Masters in 2008 and worked for a employer during her OPT period. We could not find anyone to file her H1 and so to maintain her status we filed her H4. We are now planning to file her H1 this year provided we find someone to sponsor. Will she be under the 20000 Master CAP or the regular CAP..? Please advise. Thanks
  10. vanvi

    H4 to H1

    Hi, My wife did her masters in US and worked for 16 months during OPT period. As we could not find any employer to sponsor her, changed her status to H4. We are still looking out for someone to sponsor her H1B. If we have to file for H1B, will she be in regular quota or the 20000 Master CAP. Please Advise. Thanks