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  1. @BlueVisa & @VisaBlues

    Yes I got my visa and I am working in my old client place itself now. I was in your situation for 6 months and I know the pain that you are going through. For no reason some people like us suffer, but I would say this will be a good experience for you guys to make you personally strong. That is how I am seeing it, I wish you both get visa soon, don't worry. Good luck. MIne was also EC model, EC or EVC doesn't matter I guess.

  2. @blues,

    they don't need any documents from you actually, they can get all the details from PIMS database. Actually She started to give good status update(at least considering me as a person no before decision) a5 days before I got my PP submission request. When she said I will hear soon, I got it in the same week but it was by the end/beginning of the month. If you see blue/green most of them get PP submission by the end/beginning of the month. SO you should hear good news this week.

  3. @VisaBlues

    One more thing, even if they send letter they will not update that status in DB so the staff will not be able to provide you latest information after the decision had been made. If she would have said you will hear in a week, I would say you be prepared to receive letter and submit your passport so that you can avoid any delay in your end. For me it happened, she said you will get it soon, next time I called and she said no update but the same day I got mail.

  4. @blues,

    The status update that she gave you is similar to what I got when it was in the last stage. Expect to get it by this week end/next week end. She will tell you this message when the decision has been made(mostly positive then only they talk nice) and they have to just ship all the documents alon with blue fomr to submit PP. Good luck, you will get good news soon:)

    As long as you have client and have proper documents they will approve it, in your case decision had been made.

  5. @glad2000 thank you so much...

    @Kanzer & @h12345

    I attended interview on Jan 30th 2012 and got 221g blue(AAP checked) with a case number and that number was listed in case tracking site, no documents were asked. VO collected I797, I129, employment letter, client letter from me during the time of interview. After 6 months(on Aug 3rd) I received all those documents back and a blue form to submit passport, I have submitted on Aug 6th and now waiting for response.

    Client verification & employer verification happened during last week of March. Questions during the interview are related to employer - employee relationship.

    If your case is not sent to USCIS, worst case you will get update in 6 months. If it is sent to USCIS I don't know how much time it will take.

    Good luck!

  6. @Kanzer

    My case is being processed in Chennai consulate, so mine will not be there is USCIS status check but one thing I would like to say is.... If Consulates/DOS/USCIS applications and jobs that link these applications and staffs work properly we will not have 6 months delay, if you 6 months delay and 4 months delay even after field verification(Client and employer) I don't know where the problem would be. When people go to do verification at client place and in employer place they should be able to say it is genuine case or not, then what is happening for 4 months is unknown, so I don't want to consider this one piece of application where we see refused for most of the cases on the same day. Consulate helpdesk says it is pending.... For all of you I would say don't worry, be confident....

  7. Guys,

    Don't get panic, I called chennai consulate(not even VFS) and was old case is pending. So what ever we see in DOS site may be incorrect because all the consulate will not refuse all pending cases in one day. They take months and months to make decision, in one day they cannot post random interview dates.

  8. @vaddy224,

    Thank you for posting your experience. I do agree that the time when we went last time ~Oct to Feb was really a bad time. Congrats and have safe trip to US.


    AAP - Aditional Administrative Processing, they may choose to go through this sometimes after you submit documents. There is posibility to get it stamped without going through it also.