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  1. @H1b221Ghelp May I know the date of your interview please? I know it was in Jan but don't know the date. I think in your case they should be waiting for PIMS update(not sure), but definitely you will get it stamped soon. Good luck.
  2. @VisaBlues Yes, you need to call them between 9 and 10 AM and options are 2120 Mine is also a decent desi company, we have only some clients but with onsite supervisors(employer is the vendor). Having onsite supervisor or not is not a big deal I guess, many folks got it approved even though they did not had onsite supervisors. It is all depending on VO, they don't care about our profession(how good we are)/family/kids education/how clients will proceed when a project is in the middle/etc.,
  3. @visablues I am just providing required support to my team now(may be couple of hours a day) but per my HR instruction I am not billing those hours because my house/company address is not in my work itenary. I am allowed to bill but my company wants to keep documents clean as much as possible so that they don't have to answer to some one later...
  4. @VisaBlues I used to call 04428574000(zero four four two eight five seven four zero zero zero) I used to get the same response, just for last to weeks after asking the date of interview they will give some status like this... I think they have many cases before your interview date. For email I just get receipt but they will not update. Some case thye choose to do client verification, some cases they don't if they find all the information in your i129. No need to worry, we have to wait for some more time...
  5. @VisaBlues & @glad2000 I don't have any update yet, when I called consulate this week they said pending verification(status). I used to get in process till last week. Hopefully I should hear this week or next week. In some other forums I saw one person got it approved in ~110 days that too in last week of april 2012.
  6. @VisaBlues Whenever I call they say the case is in AP, no update apart from that. I will keep you posted if I hear anything else...
  7. @VisaBlues Interview is similar to Kumar, employer - employee relationship questions and they took I797, I129, client letter, employement letter from employer and returned passport. Mine is EC model, we have onsite supervisors.
  8. @VisaBlues One lady from DHS visited client and had discussion with my manager for 15 minutes, my manager said it is about the position and my skill set and contract etc., Since it was a big meeting he could not say more than that. The same person called (phone) my employer and go through the petetion for my H1 with my HR, questions about employer employee relationship etc.,
  9. @VisaBlues I have no update from consulate yet, still waiting.~2 weeks back my client and company had been contacted by DHS(per USCIS request), so review completed. Now waiting for update.
  10. @visablues No update from consulate yet, whenever I call they say it is still under processing
  11. Hi Murthy, Do you have any update on your case? I am in the same boat and my interview was on 30th Jan. Thanks, sirisha
  12. Hi soumyarao Did you received any update, I saw for Dec5th they sent a letter requesting passport on Feb 15. Hopefully you should receive the letter this week, please keep us posted. Thanks.
  13. Hi Kumar, When was you interview? Mine was Jan 30th 2012. VO asked same questions.Please update if any one of you got any status update