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  1. Wow that is really a good news, congrats!
  2. sathys01

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @SKanduku When your case is pending in Consulate, there is no use in contacting USCIS. Congressmen may have to write an email to consulate to get update. Your case seem to be pretty straight forward, they don't trust what you said and they may want to review in US end. It takes time to update the status, we both appeared on the same day and no response still:( In any of the forums no one(blue) posted like that they got passport submission.
  3. @vaddy224 Did you got 221g letter again? You can go on H4 that is best and apply for COS. If you go on H1 you might het 221g again, H4 no issues. When did you got the letter?
  4. @H1b221Ghelp Wonderful, have safe trip. Hopefully we should receive some update soon, from this we are seeing that they started to work on our cases again after one month of pending. I think the delay was just because some staff had gone for vacation and they don't value or life:( Any way I am happy for your happy ending and work on GC so that you don't have this problem agian.
  5. @vaddy224 No update, when I called this morning she said still in aditional admin process. They don't even want to look at the status, just without checking anything they will say in process even after 4 and half months. She did not even asked my PP no/case no today, just said in AAP and it will take time:(
  6. @vaddy224 I hope so, but what is happening is not really good. They don't care our personal life or professional life, all they care is delay as much as they can to force us to change our decision/interest of going to US.
  7. sathys01

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @Skanduku, I apperaed on the same day as you did, I can go on H4 but still waiting for H1 update. If we go on new H1 or H4 and apply COS it will not take more time like this, I agree that part. but since there is no update from consulate for any blue form from after Apr1st we should hear something. In last month I have seen one person just got H4 mean time got PP submission by the end of 4 months:( In your case till Sep 2012 is not worth, so you can plan your other option mean time keeping this option for one more week.
  8. sathys01

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @Skanduku, I have not seen any approval after April 1st in Chennai, usually in 3 and half months they complete AAP when they do review in US end. Ours should be completed but they are dragging for some reason. I would say wait for one or two weeks more before making any decision since you already wasted more than 4 months, this one week is not going to make any sense. For last three months I have seen from Chennai consulate issuing bunch of PP submission request for blue, this month it didn't happen still. We might get it soon let's see
  9. @H1b221ghelp I agree with Visa blues, they have not done anything after that and my case status was pending AAP for last one month and on Friday it changed to In Process AAP( Visa blues I meant this only not AP/AAP). Let's see if we hear something this week or next week.
  10. @H1b221Ghelp It is too bad, keep calling and emailing them even thouth you don't get good response @all they used say pending aap from May 7th till last Monday, when I called Friday they said in Process(not pending). Don't know what they process I have wait to see, as usual don't know how long:(
  11. @VisaBlues & @vaddy In that memo itself there is clearly stated that officer should make decision based on some point, it is not required to meet all. Since 90% consulting firms not meeting all the points USCIS staff make reasonable decision. I would say if USCIS reviews your case you will get it approved, but it takes time. When consulate makes decision without approaching USCIS then it becomes dangerous, but if it takes more than 8 weeks then then case is being reviewed at US end(DHS/USCIS). So no need to worry. In consulate they like you when you say you get tasks/corrections/bugs/etc., from a person whom you contact once a month/week. They don't think how efficiently developer can perform if you get tasks from a person who don't even see the system and why there is a person should talk to client manager over phone and pass the same to another person who is sitting near the same client manager and they even suspect cases like mine where we have on site supervisors.
  12. @vaddy224 My I140 had been approved long back, it doesn't make any sense. I think the processing is not random,. they go by interview date and they have set of process to complete for each type of case. When I compare the date when Glad2000 got his new 221g, what I said about my case is correct, my case status came to verification(last in AAP) on 7th May itself. But after that there is no update in my case, so I am hoping that they are not doing any personal check or anything else for me. I am pretty sure your's and mine are of the same type, hopefully we should hear soon. For last couple of months I have been noticing that consulate updates passport submission for a batch(may be based on what they completed processing thorough out the month) no matter on what date they complete the verification. Don't loose hopes, keep tight if you answered what you do in your client place and the same is in your I129 they should issue visa. Are you on EVC or EC? MIne is EC. They can just delay the stamping.
  13. sathys01

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @SKanduku Do you have nay update from consulate? mine is also on the same day blue aap, still waiting for update:(
  14. @vaddy224 May I know the questions are related to what? If it is EER they will process here itself and issue visa but no one knows how long they will take. They are trying their best to hold as much as they can for no reason, for example in my case there is no processing after May 11th, before that they did all kind of processing related to EER. If I ask more ifno they will say we have limitation to process on each day.
  15. @glad2000 Since you don't have I140 approved even after 6 years, they should be doing personal, etc., @vaddy224 Mine was Blue color slip with AAP checked on it(first option) with a case number. The question were related to EER and they had me sign the paper(similar to others in EER). Employer and Client contacted and from 11th of May there is no update in my case, before that they had been doing some processing. I am still waiting for update.
  16. @vaddy Mine was on Jan30th, employer/client verfication completed, PIMS verification completed and they said further processing for some time and then verification, after that the status came back to pending AAP for last two weeks. I haven't got any update yet, I don't know what it is pending on:( I did not receive anything like this. @Glad2000 Congrats, let's hope for best:) Even for security check you have almost completed 4 months which is too bad, they intentionally want to hold us for no reason:( Was your client contact anytime during last three months? I have been noticing that consulate stopped issuing 221g for EER and started to do personal/security check now a days.
  17. @VisaBlues you are correct, no rejection noticed but they take so much time to process. I think now it is MAY vacation so they should be having staffing problem also. In some other forum I saw people saying they sent so many cases to USCIS and USCIS will reaffirm in a day and return them back to consulate, USCIS is kind of fed up with reaffirmation for unnecessary reason. @H1b221Ghelp try calling 044 - 28574142 at ~9.30 AM. this is direct number and same person will receive the call.
  18. Just now I sent an email to VFS(same ID) but today I got automated response which is un usual. Do you guys used to get it? Yesterday when called consulate she said it is still in pending and she did mentioned that they have limitation on number of cases to process in a day when I asked why it is pending always.
  19. @vaddy224 My interview date was Jan 30th, expecting to receive still... From my review many folks got it approved ~110 days, plus or minus 5 days is good buffer. Let's wait and see, in my case client and employer verification happend 2 months ago. Since she asked you to email, I would say they should have done some kind of verfication(which you didn't know) and they should verify the details. But they take their own time to do it.
  20. @H1b221Ghelp May I know in which mode they send the packet to submit passport(blue dart or regular postal service)?
  21. @H1b221Ghelp You don't have to worry you won't have any such problem. I think Chennai consulate has so many cases that are pending and they don't have any proper way to handle so many cases. They should be getting same status update form many folks like us and they don't want to waste time to see who's status is what actually. There should be some defined process and number of days to do it. I was so frustrated and asked DOS staff about this, she said Consulate is not able to decide that you are not eligible(if you are not they will send immediately) mean time they were not able decide that you are eligible(even after 4 months of processing). But people like us will think there is nothing that cannot be resolved within given time that is the reason client is still waiting for us at least from that they should understand. You will definitely get it approved soon, good luck.
  22. @vaddy221 Chennai consulate used to be better than other consulates here, they used to post the status ~110 days in most case that are pending for long time but we never know, this time there are so many pending cases. Mine is 109 days completed now, but I did not got any response still, so I don't know what is going on... @H1b221Ghelp Did you got your visa stamped? You can call DOS to see if they have done something today by any chance, if you have not received any update. In your case it is taking so much time after passport submission:( USCIS/DHS did their verification(client on site visit and employer) in just two days of time, I don't what processing they can have for two months after on site visit in my case.
  23. When I called DOS one staff said they requested for PIMS update, then when I called consulate I asked her to confirm and she said PIMS updated later. It took almost three weeks to complete.
  24. @H1b221Ghelp Calling consulate(number provided by blues) is helpful some times if your case is stuck. Some times without even asking your case/PP no they will say it is pending, but it is worth to make a call.
  25. @vaddy224 a month ago I was asked to do the same(that time background check was completed and consulate had to start their processing). After that I could notice some activities like PIMS verificationetc., finally it is in verification stage and no update after that. They take so much time.