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  1. @raoH1 We don't know Hyd no, chennai no is there in this forum itself. We call Chennai consulae helpdesk.
  2. @VisaBlues No updates in my end:( Mine almost close to 6 months, hoping that there is chance to hear by the end 6 months in Blue/Green AAP.
  3. @raoH1, It will tke anywhere from 3 to 6 months to gte update:( Since the client verification completed you can expect positive result. Now a days cases that are sent to USCIS are reaffirmed and stamped faster than consulate processing times. Good luck!
  4. @VisaBlues USCIS will do their verification in one or two days and it will be reasonable, when consulate wait for USCIS response and you have reasonable client chances to get approval are high just the delay is too much. In which instance they do client verification(now it is going on in your case) may be depending on the review officer, in my case it was completed in first round itself(most cases). Since we passed 5 months and still have client, I don't think they will delay more than this, hope for the best. About the helpdesk she always partially passes information, I am not sure we can trust her or not but better then knwoing nothing about the case.
  5. @VisaBlues If a reasonable case passes more than 3 and half months then chances to find reason to reject is very less unless contract ends in our end.
  6. @VisaBlues For what question she answered like this? Did you asked her pending on what/what kind of process going on? As for as we have seen, they utilize USCIS/DHS to do verification which will complete by 3 months. USCIS is not taking much time compared to Chennai consulate. Even though they ask USCIS to do verification, consulate helpdesk will not tell us like this so I am surprised to hear this.
  7. @VisaBlues I did got the same kind of pending response today, they just globally send same message to all status requests:( There are some cases in which they don't contact client, we don't know what they actually do. Mostly USCIS/DHS decides what kind of review they want to do and update consulate with what they actually verify, so you don't have to worry. Just that they are going through AP loop so it takes time to get update
  8. @VisaBlues No update from my end, sill waiting. Since it is taking so long I don't think they will find any reason to reject. Let's wait and see for some more time.
  9. @Adil Wow congrats! that is so fast, I thought Hyd is very slow but Chennai slower than Hyd....
  10. @Tenny2012 Did you got yor PP bakc with stamp?
  11. sathys01

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @SKanduku I have no update from consulate yet, USCIS/DHS did their verification during last week of march after that consulate is processing the case. Now I should get update from consulate only. Did you go for stamping with new petetion or have any update for 221g?
  12. sathys01

    Urgent - 221g - EC model - Need help - Plz help...

    @VenkatRRRR As blues mentioned the chances to contact your client is more when they get client letter. If you are really lucky they might approve just based on the letter, but it will be risky to take chace.
  13. @VisaBlues I have no update yet.... Yes you are correct, your case is similar to Tenny2012 but yours and mine are going through longer route, may be like H1B221GHelp case. It should be going thorough one more round of processing, but we should get positive response since it takes so much time.
  14. @Tenny2012 Wow that is so fast, congrats. You will get it stamped this week itself.
  15. @vaddy224 Since your 221g states case will be sent to USCIS, you may have to request your employer to follow up with USCIS. I don't know anything else, blues might know more...
  16. @vaddy224, VFS sends response to old emails also and I don't think they check status before they respond. We cannot make out anything based on their response, visablues also got the same response this week.
  17. @glad2000, Congrats and have safe trip. You are correct as long as ou rpapers are clean they cannot reject, but they just hold us here for long time which might be intentional:(
  18. @bogu001 Thanks, you should get your PP back soon. I know what those questions are because mine also the same. My interview was 23 days before yours, no update still. Client and employer contacted, waiting for update.
  19. @bogu001 May I know the date of your interview and questions related to for ex EER or something else? It will take about a week to receive PP back.
  20. @blues They spent so much time to write a new content for you, but I am pretty sure they will make this as template andstart sending to all of us in the future. I don't think this message is specific to your case and I don't think VFS gets response from consulate. Eventhough they forward our status request to consulate, I don't think they get any response. They are just trying to cover consulate part when they don't get response.
  21. @blues I don't know which model that case was, but vaddy is EVC. H1B221G who got approval last month was n EVVC and his client replied back saying that he reports to client manager when USCIS called client manager still he got approval. I think in your case they should be doing client verification, but they will be able to pull all required information from PIMS. I think for the cases that takes more than 3 and half months they will have USCIS/DHS review for them and then they will go based on their feed back. That is one reason H1B221GHelp got visa. I don't know how long it takes more, it's already more than 4 and half months for me.
  22. @blues, I saw a similar case as vaddy, interview Feb3rd, got revocation letter 9th June dated Feb28th. From this I think they caught up all the refusals in Jan/Feb last week.
  23. @blues, my case is also still pending, hopefully my case should have passed EE part(USCIS review completed 3 months ago) and still consulate is sitting with my file to find something else or without even touching it:( As Glad said it is moving but their intention is to delay our cases