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  1. Just an update: My parents received passports with B1/B2 visa valid for 10 years on March 28th
  2. Hi all, My parents had their B1/B2 interview at hyderabad consulate.Very few questions asked and were finally told the golden words " Congrats, Your visa is approved and have a happy journey to US". But when I check the CEAC status, it shows administrative processing. No slips given. Can anyone provide some information on this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all, I am filling DS 160 for my parents visit visa.Which visa category should I choose? B1/B2(tourism and business) or B2( tourism/ medical treatment) Thanks
  4. Smiley82

    DS 160 question

    Hello all, I have a 3 year old kid(US citizen), staying with my parents in india.she will be traveling with my parents .When filling travel companions in DS 160, do I have to include my child's name as well. Other question... Can I include me as the point of contact in US even though my husband is paying for their trip.Upon arrival , my parents would be staying at my place.Due to my school, me and my husband stay in different states.So would different addresses in DS 160 be a conflict for visa approval. Thanks in advance
  5. So these are the documents I am planning to get ready for the visitor visa for my parents 1.Letter from school about my graduation 2. Invitation letter to parents from me 3.Letter to consulate about purpose of visit 4. Green card and school ID copy 5.DS 160 6. Copy of my passport 7.Parents last 3 year IT returns 8. Letter from my dad's employer(No objection letter) 9. Dad's bank statements, including passbooks etc 10. Pension documents 11. Car and home loan documents Do I also need to fill out an I- 134 for my parents or just an invitation from my side is enough for attending the interview. Can I show my bank funds for supporting them. Please let me know and also if there is any other document that I missed in the above list. Please let me know if above documents would be enough for me to sponsor my parents, if my husband is not sponsoring them. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello all, I am planning to apply visit visa for my parents to attend my graduation ceremony in May. I am a US green card holder. Can I sponsor them or is it my husband(US green card holder) who has to send sponsorship documents. My dad is still working and mom is homemaker. My dad retired from Indian Army and he gets his pension every month.He is currently working in a well qualified position and earns a decent salary of about 45000/month. They dont have much properties back in India.They have some fixed deposits close to 8 lakhs and he pays income taxes every year , has a home and car loans etc. I have funds close to 8000 $ in my bank accounts.Will those be enough to show for sponsoring for their trip, or does my husband has to sponsor them. Plz someone help me , I am totally confused
  7. Smiley82

    Visa stamping.

    Hello everyone, Finally got my H4 visa stamped sucessfully after 6 months of wait time.Thank you everyone for the support. Thanks
  8. Smiley82

    help needed...

    hi everyone i had my h4 interview on march 13, 2012, was given 221g white, docs submitted on march 26, 2012 and been waiting since then, to hear from consulate. In the meantime, i have a doubt, my husband was not in US for 2 yrs and recently got back to US in 2011 aug.during his absence in US , i was there in US itself, preparing for my exams and waiting for my husband to come back.But instead of that, i returned back to india, just 1 yr before expiration of my visa.So my big doubt is, will the above situation create any hurdles for my present h4 visa processing.Any reply can be appreciated. Thanks Smiley
  9. Smiley82

    h4 221g April 2

    Hi Did u hear anything from consulate so far??
  10. Smiley82

    h4 221g April 2

    Hi If u have case number, it's possible to track status,me too got 221g white form, interviewed on 13th march.But unable to track my status since then and consulate replied back saying that it gets time to get the case into tracking system . Thanks
  11. Smiley82

    221g for H4 at Hyderabad consulate

    Thanks sameern
  12. Smiley82

    221g for H4 at Hyderabad consulate

    Hi sameern My husband's wage according to LCA was more than 60k.he was out of US from 2009 to July 2011.He started working on h1 again from aug 2011.So the income in w2 is from aug 2011 to dec 2011.I think this wat triggered the VO to say that his income is low.Then he asked me to submit allthe w2's from 2004 to till date.My interview was on 13th march , submitted docs at VFS on 26th march.last week I mailed VFS and consulate and got a reply that my case continues to undergo admin processing. Will 221g white form take a minimum of 2 months to get cleared? Thanks
  13. Smiley82

    221g white form for h4

    Hello everyone, How long does it take to get cleared 221g white form, I heard that it takes a minimum of 2 months.Is that true?plz lemme know.Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi sameern Copy of I 797 would be fine to submit at VFS.But am not sure about consulate, it's better to have original I 797 during interview.I had copies of LCA and I 129 and original I 797 with me. VO took my husband's LCA and original 2011 w2. Hope this helps
  15. Hi kriss, VO took my husband's LCA during interview.