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  1. Ottawa221

    F1/ OPT to H1B stamping @Ottawa.

    Stop reading Murthy Forum..and just for your visa interview..you should be good. Sometimes reading too much on this forum will scare you for no reason..
  2. Ottawa221

    H1B stamp in canada - NO US Degree

    Yes you can!!
  3. Ottawa221

    OPT to H1 B & Travel

  4. You can go to Canada. Make sure you get a mutliple entry for Canada just in case you are stiuck and have to go to India. You have 120 days to report back to the consulate.
  5. Ottawa221

    H1B stamp in canada - NO US Degree

    White123- "what if it's your first stamping? My wife has been on H1- moved from H4 to H1. She is now on her 2nd H1 with a different employer. She has never got her H1 stamped. Can she still go to Canada for stamping? I have heard if you have US master or US expereince you can still go to Canada...Is that right?
  6. Ottawa221

    April PERM tracker

    PERM Application (eFiled) : April 3, 2011 Category : EB2 Status : pending
  7. Ottawa221

    Urgent: Client letter

    Soft Copy- You can't carry any jump drive or anything. Just take a print out and you should be good.
  8. 45 days? Why did they take so long? They had your PP for 45 days?
  9. Ottawa221

    Perm Audit update

    Your employer and the attorney are the only ones who can check the status.
  10. Ottawa221

    Reporting Manager

    Evenually the question remains the same- USCIS is the agency which issues H1 (797). It is taking 5-6 months for them to process the visa- why don't they make sure they EE relationship during this time. If you think about it - the Consulates are challenging the document which is issued by a federal agency. No one is making 797 at their homes. They should not be approving these petiotions. If there is a problem with locals not getting the jobs- "Why not reduce the H1 quota from 65000 to 30000? All the stuff which is going around does not make sense.
  11. Ottawa221

    h1b stamp documents doubt

    What all documents you have to submite..or they are asking for? Please share the list. They have nothing to do with your old I-797. Let me know the docs and I will eb able to guide you better.
  12. Ottawa221

    H1 stamping in Kingston, Jamaica / Canada

    I guess your case was silghly different since you had a US degree.
  13. Ottawa221

    EVC = Suicide !

    Joef- I respect you for your legal knowledge. Unfortuanately- your knowledge about the consulting industry is very limited. It will be great if you can keep your advise limited to your area of expertise. Most of us are here to get our doubts cleared on legal matters. I think most of us have the technical skills and industry practices fugured out.
  14. Ottawa221

    H1 stamping in Kingston, Jamaica / Canada

    What was your case? Do you mind explaining- I ahve tried sending an email to the consulates in Canada- they don't answer to the point where it's clear.