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  1. Don't risk yourself here as INS is very strict about the docs they have requested. You can show the RFE to your client and request for the letter( most of the clients started giving client letters once we show them the RFE, but again the problem is it won't be in the same format we are requesting like duration of project and all) My 7th year got rejected after RFE(submitted client letter here) in November 2014 and I am still trying to fix my situation. So, Avoid to get in to this boat, its clueless, frustrated and you name it.
  2. Guys, I am on EVC and My 7th year H1B Extn got denied and the reason behind it is not providing the agreement between Prime Vendor and End Client, though I did provided end Client Letter. I have an approved PERM and I140 is under process. I have no idea why it got rejected and I spoke to a lawyer and he told me the same like it shouldn't be rejected if you have submitted the client letter. does anyone know what are the options I got here? I can still go for an appeal but it will take like 3 months and if I file a new H1B then the chances are kind of both. What happens if my new H1B got approved and the case I appealed went through? 'coz I got the agreement finally from Prime Vendor and Client, and I am going for appeal. So, Please let me know if any have gone through this or any ideas will be helpful. Regards, Kris
  3. Kriss.gv

    Any one waiting for passport (ottawa)

    don't worry..It will take 3-5 business days.
  4. Kriss.gv

    H1B Stampping

    Carrying old employer docs doesn't cause any harm and, as it is your first H1B with Employer 'A' , better carry them to be on safe side.
  5. First of all I would like to thank everyone in Murthy forums for sharing their experiences and helping me to get my H1B Visa Stamping Approved I am on EVC and went for H1B Extension. The interview is 23rd April at 7.30, As soon I walked in, there is a counter where the officer collects your I-797, Employer letter, Vendor and client letter and he will issue a token number. Later you will go finger prints and after that V.O will call for your token number. Here are questions : Me: Good Morning Sir V.O: Good Morning....so, you are a specialist in XXXX Me: I explained briefly V.O: who is your end client? Me: XXX V.O: what is your roles and responsibilities Me: Explained V.O:whom do you report to? Me: to my manager at employer side. V.O: what is ur manager's name? Me: XXX V.O: how do you report? Me: Conf call, weekly meetings and time sheets. V.O : what exactly do you discuss in those conference calls? Me: explained V.O: who is ur vendor before end client? Me: XXX The questions was so fast and I became so nervous at this point and the V.O told me not get nervous and be cool. V.O: what exactly you do as soon as you get in to your office? Me: Explained briefly from checking my mails and other day to day responsibilities. after this the V.O gave my I797 Back and kept the passport. V.O: we are having some issue with the system and you will receive your passport in 2-3 days. Me: Thank you so much Sir... V.O: yeah...take it easy :) I received an email on Thursday evening and collected my passport on Friday and I am back in U.S now. So, guys just keep you self cool and answer promptly. And what I understood there is, if you are for F1-H1B then it is taking two days to get the passport and if you for H1B extns it is going to take 5 business days. Any questions, reach me at kriss dot gv at gmail dot com
  6. Kriss.gv

    Visa interview on April 17th 2012

    Can you please answer these two questions? Who assigns your work? whom do you report to ?
  7. Kriss.gv

    Visa interview on April 17th 2012

    Which Location did you attended? As I am attending my H1B Visa Interview at Ottawa next week...so, please let me know.
  8. Kriss.gv


    ( Or )if you are staying any where near to Canadian embassies, you can just walk in directly with both passports as it will take 6-7 hours to drop-in and pickup.
  9. Guys, does the title we have in our LCA should match with the letter provided by vendor and client or they can just mention me as consultant? As I am going to attend my H1B Visa interview, so trying to get the vendor and client letters. Please do help me here. Regards, Kris
  10. Kriss.gv

    Client Letter format

    Even I too has the H1B Visa interview on 23rd. Can some one pls post the letter format....
  11. Kriss.gv

    Sucessful Stamping in Calgary!

    Hello, Congrats on your approval. have a few questions: when you say whom you report to ? did you gave you client manager's name or employer managers name ? and can you tell me how the client letter should be, you said it explains something like employee -employer relation and all. please do send me at kris dot gv at gmail dot com
  12. Kriss.gv

    Approved on Mar 28 @ Vancouver

    Congrats on your approval. I have a question though, is it mandatory to write to PIMS? If so, where can I find the details as I have an appointment at Ottawa and I need the mail Id. Pls do let me know.
  13. Kriss.gv

    Successful Stamping in Vancouver on 28th March

    Hello, First of all CONGRATS !!! I am on EVC and can you answer the below questions..... 1. who assigns your work (or) whom you report to ? 2. how should be the client letter? does the letter should mention the name of middle vendor ? can you explain in brief here... 3. is there anything we have to do with PIMS before attending the H1B Visa Stamping Interview? you can forward me the answers to kriss dot gv at gmail dot com.
  14. Kriss.gv

    Canada stamping in April

    Hello, Even I have my H1B Visa stamping date on 23rd of April. I am planning to leave on 22nd from Chicago.So, from where you guys are leaving ? r u planning of driving ? pls do let me know...you can contact me at kriss.gv at gmail dot com. I will call you madhukar. Regards, Kris
  15. Kriss.gv

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    Hi JackandJay, Can you mail me those answers to kriss.gv at gmail.com