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  1. arun_prs

    H1B RFE

    Hello experts, I got RFE for H1 transfer but not sure the details of it. My employer has decided to withdraw the case. So my question is, Is it mandatory that they share the RFE information with me by law?
  2. arun_prs

    Is Visa Stamping of revoked Visa valid ?

    So that means I don't have to go for Stamping again ?. I wouldn't be concerned much about this but there is a gap of couple of days between the previous revocation and new H1B receipt date.
  3. arun_prs

    Is Visa Stamping of revoked Visa valid ?

    Do you mean if I have entered US after revocation ? No my revocation happened after I came back to US.
  4. arun_prs

    Is Visa Stamping of revoked Visa valid ?

    with Employer A's I-797. and then Transfer to Employer B
  5. arun_prs

    Is Visa Stamping of revoked Visa valid ?

    Sorry that was a typo. My employer A revoked my Visa before my transfer. There is a window of 5 days of revocation of my H1B by employer A and Receipt of H1B from employer B. But I got 1-94 along with approved H1B in few days after my receipt. So am I still good with my previous stamping ? Thank you so much for your responses
  6. I had a Visa Stamping in last feb 2013 with my Employer A valid till 2015. But when I came here to US , I revoked my H1B after couple of weeks. I transfer to Employer B mean while. Now I need to go on vacation outside US. so While coming back can I use my old H1 Visa stamping withEmployer A and my current approved I797 from my current employer B Or do I have to go for Stamping again. Please advice. I have a approved I797 with my current employer B and new I94 card valid till next year.
  7. My previous Employer has revoked my H1B. I am currently working for my new employer with whom I got my H1B approved recently. My question is if my Previous employer revoked my H1B before my new H1B transfer approval, do I have go for stamping once I step out of the country ?
  8. Hello Everyone , I recently got Visa stamping from Employer A in India. After coming back here, I had issue at my client place and we (employer A) has lot the contract with the client. Since I am on hourly wages my Employer A is not running my payroll. Now I got a Offer from Employer B (Direct client) but I am not sure if its mandatory to submit recent payslips from Employer A for the new H1B transfer process. I have payslips till Dec month ( I was on vacation till 1st week of Feb). Please advice
  9. Hello Experts, People might have asked this question previously several times but still there is lot of confusion among this topic outside. Here is the question I have for which I get mixed answers 1.I recently got H1B visa stamping from Employer A (EV model). But now I am transfering to a Employer B (Direct Client). Do I get stamping again if I have to out of the country and re enter. 2. If I don't have to go for stamping for my new Employer B and can re enter the country with previous Visa stamping, how does it work for my spouse visa H4 ( This is going to be first time for her for visa)
  10. arun_prs

    The trend of H1B extension

    This is my second H1B. I got my 2nd one last year in Sep 2011 valid till sep 2014. I switched the company in Oct 2011 to another company and filed for H1 Transfer. This new consulting company is a direct vendor But unfortunately I got RFE in Jan 2012. Answered the RFE but they gave me the h1 validity for just one year, although i my i have 3 years for 2nd h1b. My question is why USCIS likes troubling people necessarily even though we supplied them all the necessary documents and my company is direct vendor my the client. In short I have clean case and this looks like a trend from the past year. Though we can't question USCIS people about their unreasonable things. Why are they so unpredictable.