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  1. My friend's husband sent all the necessary documents to Embassy recently. No reply so far.... Can you please give us your contact details...My friend to get in touch with you for further conversation / information.
  2. Any thoughts / suggestions ....... Please
  3. @ Guna ...yes this is her first H4 stamping. any suggestions / inputs from anyone will be greatly appreciated.......Thanks again
  4. Hello, My Friend received 221g for H4 Visa stamping in Mumbai consulate on June 25, 2013. She has been asked below documents. Her husband is working as an FTE. Documents asked: 1- Invitation Letter 2- Resume 3- Position 4- Purpose 5- Itinerary 6- Travel 7 - Research 8 - Travellers 9 - Funding Did anyone received similar kind of letter ? Please post your email so that we can discuss about this.... Any idea on how long it will take to process ? Any inputs are really appreciated. Thank you very much.
  5. Hello, We are looking for a travel companion for my Friend's kid (15), who will be flying on the week of April 20 through 25th (We have't booked the Ticket yet) from Hyd to Chicago (Ohare). We would like to look for a comapnion who can just guide through Terminals and very little guidence. Any Replies would be greatly appreciated. Please reply back to Please reply back to ************@gmail.com Thanks, Sai
  6. shashi21.....I got my PP back on 02/08/2013 and back to US......All the Best !!!!
  7. Sai687

    White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

    @parkerjohn03......I got my PP back on 02/082013 and back to US Mine was EVC model. Mine got approved after 3 weeks only, Coz my Client replied very late (Client Manager was on vacation)...every case is Different. I hope you receive your Visa and Passport Soon. All the Best !!!!
  8. @shashi21: I am looking for accommodation as well, can you please email me at 221waiting@gmail.com we can discuss further. Thanks
  9. Sai687

    H1B Stamping OTTAWA PIMS Update

    @sree464, Did you receive your passport ?? when did you get your passport ? Please reply back.
  10. Sai687

    White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

    @test_acc and @ottawaaccomadation, I received 221g on Jan 7 and after 4 weeks VO asked me to Submit my passport, I have submitted on Monday i.e. Feb 4, now waiting to collect my passport. I would like to share accommodation. Please email me at 221waiting@gmail.com. Thanks
  11. Sai687

    221(G) WHITE SLIP - OTTAWA - Jan 8th

    harry888 I got 221G white further Review in Ottawa on Jan 7. Pleas share your email ID
  12. Sai687

    H1B Stamping In Ottawa on 8th Jan 2013

    Hi Rakesh, Aditya, and Sai82, My appointment is also on Jan 7, 2013 @ 9 AM at Ottawa. @aditya...I sent you email ....please reply to that ...Thanks....
  13. Sai687

    Successful Visa Stamping in Ottawa Canada H1B EVC

    onemoresuggestion Thanks for your detailed explanation. This helps a lot...
  14. @onemoresuggestion : I have my Visa date soon. Would you please post your experience and your model, that helps me for my interview. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I have a Visa stamping appointment in Ottawa on Oct 17, 2012, Tuesday at 8 AM. I would really appreciate, if any girls coming to Ottawa at the same timeframe reply to this post. I am planning to Fly to Ottawa from East Coast. I feel more secured to have another girl with me at new place. Thanks and wish you good luck to all. Please reply to this post, so that we can communicate. Anyone near by dates .....please respond