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  1. Thanks so much Raaj786....You provided me valuable information. Yes, looks like I got an approval for my amendment so planning to take it to my H1B extension visa stamping. Once again Thanks for clearing my confusion.
  2. ramasri9999

    Anyone going to Merida, Mexico on March 26th

    Sorry Naveen_01 and Capri06, because of change in my schedule I canceled my trip to Merida, Mexico.
  3. Thanks Ultimatewarrior. I have one more concern like If we get H1B amendment approval before I go to my H1B visa, while filling DS 160 form, which Petition Number I need to use? Is it original I797 petition number which approved before or the amendment petition number? Because I feel if we use amendment petition number, there will be problem with PIMS update. Please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Hi Jersey _Boy, Thanks for your reply. I asked my lawyer and here is the response I got from them. Although employers these days seem to believe it is necessary to send an amendment under these circumstances, it is not required by law or regulation. I don't see any issues with the amendment whether it is approved in time for your appointment or not. Please let me know.
  5. My H1B extension got started from September 1st 2011 when I was at the previous client location project. After 2 months, I moved to new client location in different state and my employer changed my LCA to new location and he hasn't applied for any H1B amendment. Looks like recently he started my H1B amendment premium process and I have an emergency where I would like to travel outside the country in a week and attend my H1B extension visa interview. He told that there wouldn't be any issues with this because my employer gives me the new amendment receipt number and all that information. Is this ok to attend H1B stamping with amendment receipt number or will there be any problem with this? Could you please let me know. Thanks.
  6. ramasri9999

    Anyone planning to go to Merida - Mexico soon?

    Hi vcpaturi, I booked my appointment in Merida, Mexico on March 26th & March 27th. Please let me know are you planning on the same dates?
  7. Hi, I am planning to go to Merida, Mexico for my H1B stamping on March 26th & March 27th. Please let me know if anyone planned on the same dates so that we can plan travel accordingly. Thanks.