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  1. @H1-KK is there an official doc /law that says this about the 240 day rule not applying to the H1 transfer? I am in this situation and my attorney at work has told me there is not such rule.
  2. nefan


    1) There is no timeline for H1B transfers. Best case scenario 6 months. Worst case - just wait till you find out. 2) If denied, you can refile or move to a different company and file again till your I94 expires. It's really difficult to get approvals quickly in EVC model. 3) They can't reduce your I94 or won't reduce your I94. You are legally allowed to stay and work in the US till your I94 is valid. I am not really sure what happens if your current employer revokes your current H1.
  3. I wish it was true in my case. It's been pending since December 1st.
  4. Thanks. Even with PP it's a complete game of luck. I am not really sure why they can't have a clearly defined process and timelines for this for such an advanced country. H1 regular and premium has become such a lottery. It's more a waiting game that anything at this point. This is just frustrating.
  5. Is anyone aware or is there a way to find out the current processing times for H1B extensions? My receipt is with the Cali center and receipt date is Dec 1st. The Current processing times page shows Case Inquiry Date as Jan 21, 2018 and suggests to open a case if the case is pending outside of that date. When i try to submit a case, i get a case within normal processing times? Not sure what's going on.
  6. Hello, I needed some guidance regarding this strange scenario I am in. I moved from Employee A to Employee B. B applied for a H1B renewal/transfer. H1 with Emp A expired in April. The H1 petition with Emp B is pending with receipt date of Dec 2017. Now, Emp C which is a client of Emp B has offered me a full time job.(Contract to Hire). Can they apply for a new H1 transfer? Is there value in upgrading the H1 with Emp B to premium before having Emp C start my H1 petition? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I am evaluating an offer from an employer(A big recruiting firm) and had some doubts regarding porting over my I140. I have my I140 approved for about 2 years now. My priority date is Feb 2015. This new employer says he won't apply my PERM right away, but will wait till the priority date is close to 2 years to start the PERM process. Sicne the I140 is already approved for the last 2 years, the dates will be ported. The employer says, applying for a PERM immediately when there is 6-8 years of wait time for the my priority date is pointless. Is this true? Will my GC application be in trouble if my PERM isn't applied? What is the process if you are moving to a new employer with an approved I140? What does the new employer have to do/apply to take over my GC application? No. of forums have no. of different processes and I am confused. Please suggest.
  8. I would definitely wait for atleast the receipt. @pontevecchio I sometimes think we could be better off in our home country. The people in the US complain that immigrants are bad for them, but we know how we are exploited for every single dollar, how we are land locked from moving up in career with these archaic rules and processing times. Can't get an approved H1 under regular processing in less than 8 months, can't get a full time job or a better opportunity till you get a GC, can't get a GC till you are on your deathbed. And we are the bad guys. I am just ranting here. Sorry.
  9. I was in a similar dilemma till last week. For Aug 29th, 2016 date, I am pretty sure you will have to wait at least another month under normal processing. But For Oct 2nd, 2016 that 240 days would expire in first week of June. I would suggest talking to your attorney. There is no way you can speed up the H1 processing now.
  10. I got my H1 approval Friday evening but it's showing as received on the Check Status page. Looks like there is a delay in the status page on the USCIS site. You should get yours soon if you haven't received it by now.
  11. My H1B extension under regular processing receipt date for the California Center is July 8th, 2016. The processing time chart for CSC shows Aug 8th,2016 as the current date which was updated on April 18th. I have waited 1 and a half week and my status still shows case received. Has anyone in the vicinity of July 8th,2016 got their H1b approved under regular processing. My 240 days are up on May 28th,2017. I am not confident my H1b will be approved by then. My attorney says, since we applied for extension well in advance of my H1 expiry date(Sep 30,2016) and the delay is from the USCIS side, we have a case against the 240 day rule. Is that true? Does anyone else have any experience with this?
  12. I am thinking if it would be wise to upgrade my H1B extension application with receipt Date of July 8th, 2016 to premium processing. The deadline for suspension of premium processing is April 3rd. I am not sure when it will get the petition approved under regular processing. The current processing date is showing in the processing times page is July 2nd,2016 I also have to take the 240 day rule under consideration, right? What do you suggest? Do you suggest i wait for regular processing to complete or upgrade? Please help.
  13. Hello, I am a concerned muslim immigrant who has been waiting for by H1B extension approval for over 6 months. This is with regular processing. Now, i know, it's taking more than 8 months to get H1 approvals in regular processing. But in another month after Jan 20th, I may not even be allowed to live in this Land of Great Opportunity. So, i asked my attorney about upgrading to premium and this was part of his response. " In conversion petitions USCIS may approve for one year only instead of 3 years sometimes and chances for RFE is also high. " Is the above statement true? Do i wait another 2 months to get the approval in regular processing? I have an approved I-140 too. Has anyone heard anything about the Great PEOTUS trying to kick muslims out? I mean i wont have a valid approved H1 when he becomes president. Please suggest.
  14. Hello, My brother recently got his US citizenship. I am working on H1 and have an approved I140 with priority date of Feb 2015. My question was, 1)can my brother apply for my GC(I read form I130) and is it quicker than my current application? 2)Can i continue both the application? 3)Can i continue working on my H1b if my brother applies for my GC? 4)Can I get H1b renewals if he applies for my GC? I see in the processing times the time for approval of I130 is Nov,2011 while the priority date for EB2 is Nov 2004. Am i looking at the wrong info? Please suggest.
  15. Hello, I got my I140 approved. But while that was in processing, i had to renew my H1. Both were approved a couple of weeks of each other . But the H1 was only renewed for a year. So my H1 is expring in Sept 2016. Now, I am planning to apply for my wife's H4 EAD based on I140 approval and I know that her H4 EAD will only be valid till Sept 2016 since that's what her I539 is valid till based on my current H1. My question is, does it take that long to get her H4 EAD? What happens if we apply for H1/H4 renewal while the H4 EAD is still in processing? Thanks in advance.