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  1. teralab

    Paying Guest accomodation in Ottawa

    Hi, could you please contact me in my email listed in my profile please. I need accommodation from Jan 14th to Jan 20th or so.
  2. Hi, I will be traveling to Ottawa on Jan 14th. Please find my email in my profile.
  3. teralab

    Travel to Ottawa from NJ

    Hey Chadhuvula, Please find my email in the profile. Please contact me.
  4. teralab

    Travel to Ottawa from NJ

    Hey Chadhuvula, Whats your email ID please? And also why was the 221g?
  5. teralab

    Travel to Ottawa from NJ

    Hi, Am planning to travel to Ottawa from New Jersey on Jan 13 or 14th by car; I have my appointment on 15th. Please let me know whether anyone would like to join me. Also I am looking for accommodation please.
  6. Hi, I have an unique situation and I need help in making a decision. I applied H1B transfer from A to B last month in regular processing and started working for client X and H1B transfer is still under process. Client X is at New Jersey but as it is a work from home job the LCA was applied to Pennsylvania (where I live). Now I got a offer from client Y who is in New Jersey as well (distance is 50 miles from Client X) and hence I am thinking to move to Client Y from Client X. For this job I need to move to New Jersey (no work from home). Want to know whether this will be an issue as the H1B transfer is not yet approved? If an RFE comes, god forbid, I may not be able to produce the documents from Client X as I will be no longer working there. Need advise ASAP please.
  7. I entered US in Jan 2010 with an H1B with Visa until June 19th 2012. In 2011 I've transfered my H1B to different company and got an I797 extention until Nov 2013. currently I am planning to go to India and return on June 5th (June 19th is my visa expiration date). Will there be any issues? Am I allowed to get inside US with in 2 weeks of expiration date? Am I allowed to get inside US with Visa validity on my old H1B?