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  1. rite_0074u

    H4 221 g Blue Slip Administrative Processing

    @Svb_H4 - The content of the letter can vary but it basically means the same thing. It looks like ur visa is also about to be stamped. My mail says the following: Dear Madam: Greetings from the Nonimmigrant Visa Section of U.S. Consulate General Mumbai. Please follow the instructions below in order to continue processing your pending visa application further. We are ready for final processing. Please submit your passport, pending letter and the courier envelope to the Consulate General via any of the VFS offices. Please carry a copy of this email for ready reference. Please note that this email communication does not confirm that your visa is issued at this time. Regards Mumbai NIV/lp
  2. rite_0074u

    H4 221 g Blue Slip Administrative Processing

    I got a mail asking to submit passport today. Again I am not sure what they will do for the Visa of my daughter as all the processing was done with wife's application as reference. Can someone please share their experiences?
  3. rite_0074u

    H4 221 g Blue Slip Administrative Processing

    Guys, my wife and daugher (20 months) had gone for stamping on the 27th of Feb. She was given a 221g blue with documents for employer and some for me required. Problem is she was only given 1 form with my wife's barcode on it. We submitted all the documents on the 13th of March and are now waiting. My question is, do I have to submit anything separately for my daughter? What if they eventually ask for passports but only give visa to my wife as all documentation is with her reference?
  4. rite_0074u

    221 G in Ottawa - March 5th- Tracker

    I have a question for this group who went to Ottawa. I have got H1 last year (was on L1 before) and have never been outside of the US since. I heard on some forums that you have to get your 1st stamping always from India. Is this true or can I still go to Canada? Also, I am in a peculiar situation where my wife also got a 221g when she appeared in Mumbai, India. Submitted docs which were asked and now we are waiting. The reason I am asking is, instead of going back home..can I try Canada for myself, get stamped, then go home and can come back anytime as already stamped. Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. @Mat Patel, The exact set of documents were asked of my wife who went for the interview on 27th Feb. I have just submitted all docs yesterday and we are not waiting. Regarding date on the client letter, if your visa is going to expire anytime soon then I would recommend to try and get it. If not then they know better if you are working presently and there are no gaps, you should be good. You are not supposed to send passport along with documents, unless asked. Typically they will take some time and update the case status on their website if they find documents to be alright. After that I have heard people usually get an email, sometimes a call - to submit their passports at VFS location. Lastly, my employer sent all the documents to me and I sent to India. I am not sure why your employer wants to send it to USCIS through lawyer. My understanding was USCIS was separate from the DOS which handles consulates. I sent it to VFS and consulate, although I think it will ultimately go to USCIS.
  6. rite_0074u

    H4 221 g Blue Slip Administrative Processing

    @saif007 - Congratulations and thanks for the advice. My wife and 2 yr old kid went to Mumbai consulate for a visa interview on Feb 27th. The office was apparently in an indifferent mood. Started by asking to give 'proof' that I am working with the company I said in the form. She gave the letter and salary slips etc. He then found something mismatching in the salary slips and W2 for few months in 2011 where I worked with current employer. (I had been on L1A until November and switched to H1B via consulting company). My Nov salary was from previous company which he apparently didn't understand or didn't intend to. Gave green 221g anyway, asking for - - Employer's 2 year tax and financial statements, - all his employees (with names, locations, salaries), - client letter, project description, - my tax return for 2011, - my bank statements for 2011 and salary slips for 2011. I am working towards getting the documents. Hopefully after sending it will not be very very long.