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  1. santoshdhomse

    221 G in Ottawa - March 5th- Tracker

    Does any one knows how much time does it takes for consulate to get back to you once you have been issued 221g white . I am also stuck in Calgary for 221 G white since last 1 month . I have given all the documents what they have requested and haven,t heard any thing from them as of now neither they have contacted my employer nor the Clients. It would be great help if people who have got their 221g White cleared could please share there time lines . Appreciate your suggestions .
  2. santoshdhomse

    March 13th stamping Calgary.

    Hey Akshith, You did an amazing job and I think you an ideal example for EVVC stamping in Canada . I was in the same case and same set of question were asked to me as well , but I think i was nervous and could perform well and got panicked . Thanks for sharing your experience.
  3. santoshdhomse

    Calgary H1 Stamping Administrative Processing

    I am staying in Hostel next to Consulate on 520 7th ave SE , and by far I think its the best and cheapest option in whole of Calgary. If you want you can also move here .........It is just 23 $ a day and provides free wifi and Break fast .
  4. santoshdhomse

    Approximate Time in 221G white processing in Canada

    Don,t carry any unnecessary cash if you BOFA debit card as it just charges you 1 % extra charge for any transaction. The best places to stay for stamping I would say is the H I hostels ... pretty cost efficient and good way to meet new people .
  5. santoshdhomse

    Calgary H1 Stamping Administrative Processing

    Hey Vaibh4 , I have sent you email yesterday ......if your free today let me know we can catch up.
  6. santoshdhomse

    Calgary H1 Stamping Administrative Processing

    Hey Vaibh4, I am also stuck in Calgary since 21st Feb with admin processing. The VO said that they would need to do some further admin processing and gave me 221G white. I am staying in Hostelling International in Calgary city center. Please do let us know if you see any progress in the processing.
  7. I had my interview on 21st of Feb got 221g white in Calgary Canada , the same day I submitted all my documents . Waiting for the email reply back . Does any one has any idea on approximate time taken for admin processing ? Please reply you Suggestion a appreciated . Thanks, ....
  8. santoshdhomse

    221G white Tracking Canada

    My interview date was on 21st Feb @ 9:30 in Calgary . I went in around 8:30 did the regular stuff of arranging documents , finger prints and security check then came the time for interview. Vo : Who is you employer ? Vo: How long you have been working for him ? Vo : So you have studied in united states ? from which University. Vo : Who is you client and whats the location ? Vo: Show me you I 129 , 797 , client letter , W2 and client letter ? Vo: Sir we will need some more additional process ... Please submit the documents marked on the white form (221g white). I said I have all of those other then wage report of employer for 2010 as I had it for 2011. But she wasn't ready to accept it with out it . Returned on the 24th Feb and submitted the marked documents and since then there has been no reply from them . What is the way to track if there is any progress in the case ? Can any one of you please suggest me on the wait time in 221g white case and is there any one in the same scenario as me .... Any help would be highly appreciated.
  9. santoshdhomse

    Any accommodation in Calgary from feb 27th?

    Hey Madhu , can you please share your interview experience and if you are still in Calgary and want to share the accommodation , Please let me know .
  10. santoshdhomse

    221g in canada

    Hey Hyderabad17, I had a quick question regarding the model which you are working on is EC, EVC or EVVC . As I am also in same situation Stuck in Calgary and waiting to get the email response from the consulate . Really appreciate your help