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  1. sapen

    h1 h4 h4ead question

    My h1b extension from prev employer was approved but my wife’s h4 and h4 ead (first time) status is till pending. i changed my employer after a month and new employer applied for my h1b and h4 for my wife. Now h4 from previous emp was put RFE. Since new employer already applied for h4 we did not respond back for RFE. Do we need to apply for h4 ead again? or the pending case is still valid?
  2. Hello, My H-1B extension has been recently Approved. But my spouse H-4 and H-4 EAD is still in progress. I have a job offer from another company and would like to know if I can transfer H-4 and H-4 EAD along with my H-1B?
  3. I-94 has expired already and under extension, but have a job offer in hand.
  4. I am on H-1B visa and on 11th year (with approved I-140 from March 2013) and visa is currently under extension. I have a job offer from another company that are willing to provide sponsorship. Can I transfer H-1B to the new employer while current H-1B is under extension with USCIS?
  5. I will let him know there might be issues at port of entry even if he wanted to come to US and do job search or find potential H1 sponsor. So it better to find an employer while he is india and have his visa transferred over and then enter with valid/new H1 petition. Agree?
  6. Hello, A friend of mine just got his us visa stamping done and he is still in India. Today he mentioned that there are lot of new management changes at his company and there could possible layoffs. He asked me if he can travel to USA in case if he got laid off even though his h1b visa stamp is valid for next 3 yrs. I was not sure what say so asking here. Please share your thoughts.
  7. sapen

    Drop Box eligibility

    Thanks. Glad to know that I can go with Dropbox multiple times.
  8. sapen

    Drop Box eligibility

    Hello, I am working for current company for the past six years and my previous H1 visa was valid till Jan 2017 and in september 2015 I got the stamping done in Hyderabad India via drop box and stamp was valid till the visa expiry. Now I got my visa(h1) and my spouse's visa(h4) extended till jan 2020. I am planning to travel to Hyderabad India in august with my spouse and kid. Am i eligible for drop box again? Thanks
  9. Hello, I am currently in USA along with my spouse on H1 visa and my spouse is on H4. Our visas expired in Jan 2017 and extensions were applied in August 2016 and are in still process. Spouse now wants to go to India for a few months. I understand that she will need to go for stamping if the h4 visa is approved when spouse is in India. However I want to know if I need to apply for h4 amendment or just approval and visa stamping are enough for spouse to return. Thanks in advance.
  10. sapen

    H1 Extn- VSC --> NSC updates

    Applied on Aug 8,2016 in regular @ VSC. Case transferred to NSC on Feb10,2017. Still Waiting
  11. How long did it take for you to get your approval? I am in a similar situation. Applied in regular processing on Aug 8,2016 and last week status changed to nebraska service center.
  12. sapen

    H1-B and H4 Extension

    Hello, I filed for H1 and H4 extension for me and my wife on August 8, 2016 in regular processing at Vermont service Center. Last week I came to know that due to load they have moved the case to Nebraska service center. Current processing time in NSC is Sep 2 ,2016. However this morning our case status has been updated to Initial review. How long does it usually take from Intial Review to Approval keeping in mind when I applied(uscis received date) and current processing time? Thanks
  13. sapen

    Chances of Priorirty Date becoming current

    You never know.
  14. Hello, I am seeing a good progress for EB2 India in feb 2016 visa bulletin. My PD is March of 2013. Is there any chance of my PD becoming current late this year? Keeping elections in mind?
  15. sapen

    Regarding MRV fee receipt

    OK there is some confusion I didnt click on axis bank but I click on the Druk PNB Bank LTD. However I already made the payment and used the paid receipt numbers for the confirmation letter. I am thinking this shd not be a problem. Any ideas?