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  1. jackandjay

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    Sent emails.
  2. jackandjay

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    well my answers were good in my scenario, which does not mean they should be good for all the cases... I am ok to share it with people send your email id, I can fwd my answers.
  3. jackandjay

    Same day Canadian visa

    I visited NYC canadian embassy, it is a one day process... submited on Monday and picked up on tuesday.
  4. jackandjay

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    Hi Capri06 yes, I had the end client letter mentioning my vendor name and in the vendor letter mentioning my compnies name. Yes I did my masters, and this is my second extention.
  5. jackandjay

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    On March 5th I had my interview in Ottawa Canada, and got approved. On the whole the interview questions were tough (definitely not easy). I am in EVC model, Second Extention, with Master Degree - Good morning, how are you -> Good morning, urself? - Where do you work -> xxx at xxx - Can I see your LCA and I 129. -> Gave them - who is your employer -> xxx - how is your location xxx -> Its good..... - how long have you been working in the client location -> x months - Who do you report to -> - Tell me with an example how you get a object, and how do you proceed step by step. -> - So... how there is a relation with your employer? -> - Why did you pick this consulate? -> - what is the role of your end client in the whole process. -> - What do you do for them? I was explaining this and I saw his hands moving around some paper, I did not wanted to see what that was and I kept on explaining, at the end he gave a funny smile and said "your visa has been approved" follow the process as in the paper. Note: 1. You can take your cell phones to the consulate, but need to switch it off and have it at the security. 2. The cold is tooooo much, be prepared for it. 3. Gatineau CA has some better hotels which has nice internet and walkable, food spots. 4. Confidence is the key.
  6. Hi Raaj I am traveling on March 5th too.. will shoot an email
  7. Hi I am heading to Ottawa CA for stamping on March 5th, post your replies if you are on the same day or closer to it. I am driving from New Jersey.
  8. jackandjay

    Visa Appt @ Ottawa on Feb 27th

    Hi visaimmig I am visiting Ottawa on March 5th.
  9. jackandjay

    Available visa appt dates in Toronto, CA

    Toronto March 5th and next one after April 10 and 16th