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  1. txresearcher

    Best consulates in Canada

    Forthebest - congrats. i know it must have been a tough 4weeks. was your passport retained by the consulate or returned back after initial interview? What color 221g did you get?
  2. txresearcher

    H4 restamping

    The current visa will be cancelled. She could travel with the current visa as well if you don't need the new visa stamping immediately.
  3. txresearcher

    Please reply me !!

    On average it takes about 2-3weeks. Your application can certainly be processed before that time frame.
  4. txresearcher

    Late H1B Amendment - Please Help!!!

    As you understand, the amendment must have been done before you started working in 2010 at the new client site. Not much you can do except to say the company realized the mistake and have corrected it.
  5. txresearcher

    Submitting G-28 during H1B interview

    Just wondering how useful it would be or not. Any experiences?
  6. Has anyone included G-28 when handing over the documents such as LCA etc during visa interview?
  7. txresearcher

    Driving experience - Canada

    Thanks guys. Very helpful information.
  8. txresearcher

    Driving experience - Canada

    Is US license and insurance enough to drive in Canada? When going for stamping, do I submit all my I94s to the Candian immigration agents? Do US GPS systems work over there?
  9. txresearcher

    Canada visa - applied online

    I did not check yesterday, so not sure when it went active. You should get your passport later this week or next.
  10. txresearcher

    Canada visa - applied online

    My tracking went active too. Should be receiving the passports today. It seems like they wait for 2 weeks and then act on it.
  11. txresearcher

    Canada visa - applied online

    How long does it take to get the passports back? Any recent experience?
  12. txresearcher

    Canada visa - applied online

    Hoping to get back my passport this week atleast. I already cancelled my appointment once. I guess going there in person and explaining is the only option. No way to reach them by email or phone.
  13. txresearcher

    Valid Visa with expired I-797

    How did you get visa stamp beyond your I797 approval date. Generally it is the other way around. You should be able to use your current visa with a new I 797.
  14. txresearcher

    Canada visa - applied online

    After applying online for TRV online on Feb 11th, got an email to send passport on Mar 12th. Passport reached NY consulate March 14th. No update since. Any one in similar situation? How long did it take to get the passport back after sending via online application? Please post experience.
  15. txresearcher

    please help

    You should have no problem traveling with the new approval notice.