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  1. Attorney_9, IS that only way to proceed ? Is there a way that we can request DOL ?
  2. I am also having same issue my lawyer didn't received hard copy it's been three weeks it got approved(Online status changed).Lawyer told it will take 2 - 4 weeks to get it.
  3. check on this website with your DS160 ID https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=WwjqOlbeRYzCYubaSQI+RA== If the status is issued you will get loomis next business day with waybill number
  4. rvasi

    Visa Approved @Vancouver on July 12th

    Just an Update got my passport back today.heading back .Thank you for folks who helped me in this process
  5. Hey Guys, Today my visa interview @ Vancouver .It was straight forward interview. VO : White female Counter:4 Questions asked: 1)How long been with this employer? 2)Who is ur end client? 3)do you have letter from client? 4)Where is this client Located?(I told the location) 5)Do you have pay stubs and w2's? 6)last year pay stubs please? 7)does your employer pay you twice?(she literally checked month to month) 8)I129 & LCA(she checked the location what i told on my 4th question) Then she typed something in the computer for some time say for 4 minutes(pure Silence) Then she said it's approved collect it 3 to 5 business days @Loomis. If anyone here around want to meet just to hangout please email me ?My email id is in my profile.
  6. rvasi

    221g in vancouver white slip

    Hi guys, I have interview on July 12th .Can you guys please share your contact information .My email id is in my Profile.
  7. Guys, Even i have appointment date on July 12th .I have hotel booked for two days till july 13th.If you guys interested to shared accommodation please let us know.Contact number:***-***-****.
  8. rvasi

    July 02 stamping done

    @bhnchandar congrats. You said VO aksed you 5) Asked previous all employer and client documentation.Does they asked previous client details?
  9. Krishna, This is my email ID if you are interested to share the accommodation Please email me on *************@gmail.com we can discuss it further.
  10. Hi Guys , This is rahul .I have a date on July 12th and will be in vancover on July 11th. would like to share accommodation
  11. Finally got my Visa today in the mail ....
  12. Hi MAK07, Yaa hopefully i will get this week. I have booked my appointment on JULY 12th @ Vancouver
  13. Hi MAK07, Congrats!!. I am still waiting for the visa.Guess you are right it seems they are taking around 40 days to process couple of people said same thing in other forums .Waiting for it keeping my finger crossed... Did you applied by in person or by mail?
  14. Hi MAK07, Did you got your Canada visa?
  15. Hi All, I have applied for the Canada Visitor Visa on May 9th and LA consulate received on MAY 10th.I haven't received the my documents back.I have checked with bank whether money order was cashed and they said it was cashed on May 30th .I am hoping will receive the documents this week It was very frustrating as their is now way of tracking other than wait... Does anyone know whether can we go to consulate and get the visa after there average processing times?