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  1. rajivn786

    DS160 - Length of stay.

    Hi, I have question reg DS160 form. Will my length of stay be 6 years? I arrived in June 2016 and had 2 approvals and my current H1 expiry date is June 2022. I am going for stamping in Dec 2019. What will be my length of stay? -- From Dec 2019 till June 2022 or from June 2016 to June 2022. Thanks.
  2. rajivn786

    H4 to J1

    Hi, Need some advice. I got a fellowship (completing residency by July on H4 EAD) and planning to continue on H4 EAD until it gets taken off. We asked for H1 and they said NO and said they offer J1 but trying to convince still. My EAD is expiring Dec and applying for renewal in July (hoping that they have it at that time). In case instead of waiting for EAD decision, can I get Statement of Need from Delhi to be sent to ECFMG? If we get SON from Delhi and not take J1 (hoping EAD will stay for sometime) , do we still have to do waiver or return back to India for 2 years because of SON from Government? I just wanted to apply for SON than wait for EAD decision just to have breathing space for conversion. Please advise.
  3. May I know what happens to EB3 application in case if EB3 moves ahead of EB2? Can we use that to file I-485 or will porting invalidate EB3?
  4. rajivn786

    Should i go for stamping with NEW H1b extension

    Stamping is not needed. Your I-94 will be updated with new date at POE whne you shoe new 797.
  5. rajivn786

    Stamping required

    Thank you so much...I got my H1B approved yesterday... It's good to know that stamping is not needed.
  6. rajivn786

    Stamping required

    Hi, Recently I got promoted and my employer filed for an amendment along with extension (since my current H1b / wife H4 stamp in passport expires on Sep 30, 2017). Once the extension gets approved till 2019, if my wife leaves to India , does she needs to get visa stamping again. with the new I797?? My employer says no stamping is needed as the current one is valid till Sep 2017. So, if me or my wife leaves to India and come back, will there be any issues at POE?
  7. rajivn786

    H4 EAD renewal now?

    Actually my employer didn't agree to file all 3 together. Since the current EAD is valid till Sep 2017, can she continue her Residency on it. I saw in USCIS that you can't apply 120 days before EAD expiry . Also she is planning to go to India in Feb (Assuming that approval comes in 2 weeks as we applied under Premium). So can we apply once she returns back?
  8. rajivn786

    H4 EAD renewal now?

    Hi, I need some help regarding my wife H4 EAD renewal. I work FT and got promoted to another position recently and my employer is filing for an H1amendment and H1/H4 extension together as my H1B/H4 is expiring in Sep 2017. Now once the H1/H4 extensions are approved (most likely till 2020) , do we need to apply for H4 EAD again now (although it’s valid till Sep 2017) or wait till the current one expires ? Can she work with her current EAD even after the H4 extension is approved or do we need to file new EAD again now? Thanks, Raj
  9. Hi, Recently I came to USA with my H1B expiry date Sep 30, 2017. My I-94 online has been reflected with the same date Sep 30, 2017. The date which CBP guys handwrites with the stamp is Sep 30, 2016. Will this be a problem or do I need to go to CBP detention site to correct this?
  10. Guys, Need advice on these 2 questions : I have been working with the same client for the past 6 years. I am on H1B and my current visa approval document is valid from 09/30/2014 till 2017. My previous H1B was from 10/21/2013 till 09/30/2014. For these questions what should I answer? Is your previous H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) still valid? Yes or NO? Did your previous H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) expire within the last 12 months? Yes or NO? Am I eligible for Dropbox waiver? Thanks, Raj
  11. rajivn786

    H4 Visa stamping

    Thanks so much. Even my Hr said the same...but I didn;t believe them as they only lost H4 original approval document. So, I wasn't convinced with them. Thanks..
  12. rajivn786

    H4 Visa stamping

    Thanks. So even if her 797 is lost she can still get her h4 visa stamped based on my 797.
  13. rajivn786

    H4 Visa stamping

    Hi, My wife & possibly me are planning to travel to India in the next month. I have a copy of my wife's H4 but original was missing. Is the original I539 required for stamping? (or) my H1B I-797 is enough for stamping? (or) do I need to file I-824 to get a duplicate copy? Thanks.
  14. Hi, My sister is on H4 & she applied for F1 in Oct 2012..It's been already 6 months, but there was no approval. Now she got an intern & she is on H4. What will be the options for her?? Can she go to India or any other country and get it stamped?? WHat would be the future steps for her so that she wouldn't loose her internship?? Thanks, *****
  15. rajivn786

    Job Description change just for EB2

    Thanks Joe...That's really helpful!!!