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  1. Hi DUIDiversion, Sorry buddy...I haven't yet...all the best for you...do let me know how it goes for you. -Surya
  2. Hi Iham, Appreciate your patience and effort in writing such a nice and detailed one. I am on the same boat. Got my DUI in July 2012. I am on H1B and it's been 5-6 yrs now, I haven't went to India yet. I have couple of questions - 1. When you say police certificate, is it the one where we have to do finger prints and send to FBI ? How long FBI took to send the information back? 2. Police criminal background check - under DUI section : Is this the same as above info from FBI? 3. Parole officer letter: Is this a Letter from the officer (no letter from him) who caught or the probation officer (I have some) ? 3. My DUI was from Kansas and the attorney said I am not either convicted not guilty so what option I have to Check for the Convicted question? Thanks and appreciate your help.
  3. Hello friend, I have same situation, I in diversion ...let me know how u r doing with the stamping. I am also planning in near future.Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am in same situation, My dui-diversion ends in July. What are the chances if I go before and after.Your help is much appreciated. Did you go to get stamped? what happend?
  5. doome

    Just got a DUI.Will it affect my H1B stamping chances ?

    Thanks all for taking time and replying..!