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    Stamping at ottawa--urgent

    1. Where are you working? (location) - Ans: Client Location 2. Whom you are reporting? Ans: I told my employer (I think based on employee-employer ship we should say reporting to employer.) 3. Should I carry old clinet letter?(Yes Carry your client letter it is very important in ottowawa) 4. with the above back ground what kind of questions I may expect (Below are the questions asked me by VO on feb-28-2012 .) I got 221g saying further review. VO: What do u do . ME: i explained him my position and resposibilities VO: Who do u work for. ME: mention my employer name. VO: Who do you report to . ME: my employer. VO: how often do you report. ME: on Weekly Basis . VO: how do you communicate; ME: Conference (Through Phone). VO: Have you ever been on Bench and looked at me ME: i looked at him and said No . VO: He aske me again ME: I said no again VO: He asked does your Company work directly with Client. ME: my client will not work with all companies they work with Few companys. Our company work through that A(company) to end Client. VO:What is ur client location. ME: told him the location of client VO: gave my passport back with 221G said further review. ME: I asked me how long will it take and why are you giving the passport back. VO: He said dont No How long will it take and you are visitor in canada , so you need have passport with you. if you need more information you can reach me at h1ottawafeb29@gmail.com.
  2. HariR

    Anyone to Ottawa stamping on feb 21 st

    Hi Guys, I hope u all got visas, Please share your experience.
  3. HariR

    Ottawa 27th Feb Interview

    Hi guys, I have appointment on 28 th feb at 9am in Ottawa, plz keep me in loop Thanks
  4. Hi, plz let me know if any one is going for H1b visa stamping on Feb-28 th