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    H4 -H1 change of status

    Hi, I am on H1b and my wife is also on H1B. He I94 was valid till Feb 14, 2012, and she has got her H1B extension filed on Feb 14, 2010 itself (not in premium processing). Now i want to change my job and she does not wants to work anymore. My future employer is not filing COS for my wife as her H1B has expired and extension is not yet approved. What are my options? 1. Can I file COS (H4) for her in my personal capacity and ask her to resign from current employer? 2. Ask her to wait in current job for 3 months and then when she receives the H1B extension approval then file for COS to H4. 3. Send her to India and then ask my future employer to file H4 for her in India and send her back to US. Thanks, Abhay