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  1. samstrong123

    Time for marriage based green card and work authorization

    Any input people ?
  2. Hello, Currently I am in the US on student visa, OPT duration. I have been married to US citizen since last one and half year. I have applied for my green card through marriage based category on Sept. 3, 2018. I got fingerprinted on Oct. 3, 2018 at regional office in Memphis. I received an RFE for additional documents on Oct. 6, 2108 , and I sent the supporting documents on Nov. 3, 2018. Can any one tell me, when should I expect my employment authorization card and green card? I have applied for work authorization at the same time when I applied for green card. Thank you. Sam.
  3. samstrong123

    Affidavit for Birth Certificate Questions

    Hi Pontevecchio, I am currently in the US on student (OPT) visa. I got married to US Citizen, last year. Hence I have filed for my green card. In response, I got RFE ( Request for Further Evidence) with respect to my birth certificate. Initially I submitted, School Leaving Certificate, in place of birth certificate. When this RFE came, I got my birth certificate, only to reveal that it does not have my name on it. So I need to submit Affidavit for Birth Certificate. In this context I need affidavit. My question shall I send original copy of affidavit as said in RFE notice or send photocopy. Let me know. Thank you. Sam.
  4. Hello, I have received request for further evidence pertaining to my birth certificate. Initially I sent copy of my School Leaving Certificate, Domicile certificate, in place of my birth certificate. As response to this RFE, I acquired my birth certificate. I got birth certificate, but my name is not mentioned on it. So my mother (as father is deceased) made Affidavit for Birth Certificate. My questions are- 1. I have two documents- one is Affidavit for Birth Certificate signed by "Executive Magistrate" of the county where I was born. Another is Affidavit for Birth Certificate, signed by Advocate (similar to Notary). Both have same content. So shall I send one signed by Magistrate or by Advocate or both? 2. While sending reply to this RFE, should I send original copy of the affidavit or send the photocopy. I can show original when I go for interview. This way I do not have to worry about mailing the original and might be lost. If I send photocopy, then they might send another RFE, asking for original Affidavit, and sending them afterwards might delay processing, which I cannot afford. Pleas do let me know your input soon. Thank you. Sam.
  5. samstrong123

    Second EAD- start date and duration

    Any input working people?
  6. samstrong123

    I-485-Birth Certificate related evidence

    Any reply members?
  7. Hello, I have applied for marriage-based green card. I do not have birth certificate with me. So I sent School Leaving Certificate mentioning my date and place of birth and Certificate of Domicile, Nationality; mentioning my date and place of birth. I also sent my passport copies (from my parent country) containing my date, place of birth and my father's and mother's names. I got letter in mail saying, secondary evidence, I provided in place of birth certificate is not enough. It says, I should provide birth certificate/ school certificate containing my name, date, place of birth and parent's names. My relatives got my birth certificate from municipal county office, where I was born, earlier this week. I contains my date, place of birth and parents' names. But it does not have my name on it. Also my mother's only first name is mentioned. Respective officer in that office, told my relative, that no information on this birth certificate can be changed. In this scenario, what should I do next? What documents I can provide to USCIS to satisfy their concern. Let me know at earliest convenience. Thank you. Sam.
  8. samstrong123

    Second EAD- start date and duration

    Hello All, I have graduated from State US University last year and have current EAD under post-graduation OPT category. As of now, I am working using my student-based EAD and this expires on January 2019. I got married to US citizen and have applied for my green card, change of status, and employment authorization based on family-based category. I got biometric processing /fingerprinting done earlier this week. I would like to know- 1. When I should expect my next EAD card? 2. What will be duration of this next EAD card? If anyone can share their experience, I will appreciate this. Sam.
  9. samstrong123

    I-130 and I-864

    Thank you pontevecchio and newacct for your input. pontevecchio: Yes, I will put details of my latest entry. I-864-A, should be filled by a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. I am not either of them as of now. Hence, I am planning to put my income as household income in form I-864. newacct: Yes, I will put recent date of arrival. As I am working in the US legally, I am planning to put my income as household income in form I-864. I-864, gives option to provide for last 1 year or 3 yrs information. Should we provide one year or three year? Does this matter? Also, as supporting documents one need to provide, copy of federal tax returns. Do we need to submit W2, in addition to copy of returns? Sam.
  10. samstrong123

    I-130 and I-864

    Hello Everyone, Twenty-six views, but no reply? Let me know if anyone has any input. Thanks. Sam.
  11. Hello, I am on the OPT (part of student visa) and my wife is a US citizen. We are in the process of filing my green card. On form I-130, in beneficiary information section, I need to put my "Date of Arrival". Should I put my most recent date of arrival or my date of first arrival. For the form I-864, sponsor is my wife, as she's US citizen. But currently, she is not working (taking care of our newborn). I have a full time job and this our source of family income. So can I put me as part of household and use my income to support my family? Let me know your input. Thank you. Sam.
  12. Hello pontevecchio, Thank you for your input. 1. Yes, I have option to put current address now and apply. Then update address change as per necessity. This way, process will start earlier but will it get delayed after address change? I am more inclined to file after one month with new address. But my worry is process will start later and hence end later. My current opt ends on Jan 2019. And I would like to have my employment authorization come in before that. 2. Yes I will put date as per my estimate. 3. It was a state university with good reputation. But I-20 was for PhD program with out financial support. School told me first year they will see my performance and from second year they can provide financial support. But visa officer see that as not enough financial support and gave me denial. I do not have related paperwork, so do not know what reason what given at that time. I applied again next year in 2004, at that time I had admission from Master's program with financial support and my visa was granted I came to US. I would like to know, what will be implications on my I485 processing, if I said yes to visa denied question? And what explanation I should provide for this denial. Thanks. Sam.
  13. Hello, My wife is a US citizen and we are married for one year. We are fling for my green card and I have following concerns about some of the forms- 1. I130: Petition for Alien Relative- in part 4 ( Beneficiary information ie my info) section, it asks "The beneficiary is in the US and will apply for adjustment of status to that of a lawful permanent resident at USCIS office in: City XXXX and State XX. We are currently living in Arkansas and planning to move to Chicago next month. Then what information should we put for city & state where I will apply for my adjustment of status? 2. I131: Application for Travel Document- In Part 3- Processing information section- I need to put intended date of departure. My date of travel is not fixed., it will sometime next year. In this case how accurate this date needs to be? 3. I485- Application to Adjust Status- Part 8- General Eligibility section- it asks have I ever been denied visa to the US. I came to the US, fourteen years ago and have been on F1 and H1 visas since then. When I applied for student visa first time in 2003, it was denied. Then I applied again in 2004 and my student visa was approved. So what should I put here as answer? Shall I put "No" as I got visa afterwords and this will speed up processing of my documents. As my one denial was 14 years ago, they will not have record have it. I was told if visa is denied records are kept for 5 yrs and if its received then kept for 3 yrs. In either way my records of that application would not be there. If I put yes and tell them my visa was denied once, the what explanation I should give for this. In 2003, my student visa application was based on a admission into a PhD program without assistant-ship. I don't even remember what was the reason for denial, intended immigrant or financial one. I think this might delay my application processing. Let me know. Thanks. Sam.
  14. Hello, I am on F1 student visa, specifically on one year OPT started January 2018. I have married to a US citizen, in the US, since last 9 months. I am planning to file for my green card in next few days. Can any one suggest me after filing, in what time frame I should expect to get my employment authorization card? I would like to apply it and receive it before my OPT authorization ends. Any input from any one's experience on time frame would be helpful to me. Sincerely, Sam.
  15. samstrong123

    OPT- insurance

    Hi, I got my OPT approved last month. I would like to know, do I need to have health insurance when I am in between my graduation and have a health insurance from my next employer. Once I get my next employment, I will get insurance provided by them or form other party. Let me know. Thanks Sam.