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  1. harishkaj

    I-140: Retaining Priority Date

    Hi, are you able to retain your PD ? Even my company attorney says that they can't guarantee the retaining of PD. If my previous employer revokes approved I140 Thanks,
  2. harishkaj

    I-140 priority Dates porting

    Hi rnalband, Did you PD got retained ??. I do have approved I140. Thinking to change employer Can i retain PD even after if my previous employer withdraws I140
  3. harishkaj

    PD after I140 Termination

    Hi , Do we get the same priority date once previous i140 terminated.
  4. harishkaj

    H1B Transfer After I140 Approval

    Thanks Jairichi and pontevecchio One more Question. Is there any chance that Company A can terminate Approved I140 before Company B applies ?
  5. Hi , Am currently running on 6 Yr of H1B With Company A, Got H1B extension till Aug 2016 (With I140 Approval). PD - DEC 2012 Now I am willing to transfer to Company B as Full Time and they agree to start GC after 1 year from Joining Date. 1)Till what date my H1B gets transferred ?. 2)Will I get same PD(Dec 2012) once I got 140 Approval from Company B ? . 3) Any issues with transferring from Company A - B , with H1 and I140 ? Thanks,
  6. hi hn2605, I was also on the same boat, client address got changed with in 30 miles and no amendment was done. I went to Ottawa on feb 22 with new LCA(submitted the old one only) ,Got white 221g for further review and got approved in 2 weeks after client verification. They are not bothered about the amendment(I guess in canada they are verifying only the Employer- Employment relationship).
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how many days we can hold the passport after the US consulate asked us to drop the passport. Here is the case, Got 221g for further review and got back the passport. After reviewing the consulate ask us to drop the passport. Once we got the mail to drop the passport , whats the time limit to drop(can we drop after 1 week or so) Is there any mandatory period for that or we can hold our passport for couple of days. Thanks
  8. Hi Sai, Congrats for the stamping. I have a question When you change your client, is your new LCA amendment to H1 was done, or just you went with the new LCA Is it mandatory to amendment the new LCA
  9. harishkaj

    Anyone to Ottawa stamping on feb 21 st

    Hi, I have on the same day . Can you send me your details to mail -- harish.bobby@gmail.com