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  1. plesase send me the details on it, Appreciate ur help in advance !!
  2. guys i have one issue with my LCA.. My last two digits in the LCA was wrongly placed like 65240 instead of 65254.but my vendor letter and client letters is having like 65254. I'm attending stamping next week,just caught up the issue now. Please advise.
  3. babu99

    Interview on March 26

    congrats and are you in EVC or EC model?
  4. Mine is on 04/11 @ vancouver,please drop me your contacts to babu99.ds at gmail dot com.
  5. thanks h1bxplorer,i will send u an email with my details and here is my email babu99 dot ds @ g m a i l . com.
  6. Guys, I'm attending stamping on 04/11/2012 in Vancover,Canada and looking for accommodation in Days Inn & Ramada but no rooms available. Please let me know if any one is ready to share who booked already. Thanks Babu
  7. Guys, Please let me know some body looking for accommodation from 04/10 in vancouver. If any one ready to share the room,we will plan accordingly for double room etc.. THnaks Babu
  8. babu99

    h1b Stamping in Canada with Foriegn Degree

    I think it's not an issue. even my masters degree from India, first H1B was stamped in Indi and I'm going to Vancouver for the latest stamping next month. Guys, Please let me know in case of any issues. THanks Babu
  9. babu99

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    jack, can you pls fwd the answers to my email babu99.ds@ g m a i l dot com. Thanks Babu
  10. raj, "I WAS GIVEN A ADMIN PROCESSING ASKING ME TO FILL DS 157 JUST BCUZ I DID MY MASTERS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING??" why they are sking for for filling DS 157,Is DS 160 form is not enough? thanks Babu
  11. Hello, I need couple clarifications regarding my H1 stamping in Vancouver,Canada. 1) I'm on EVC model and my client is giving any letter,but i do have vendor letter and email from my client manager stating about my roles & responsibilities and my contract period(but it is not on letter head). Is this enough to manage in consulate for my H1b stamping. 2) Regarding my Canada visiting visa,i heard that IMMM 5257 (Application for Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada [iMM 5257] is enough? 3) Any one get the Canadian visiting visa on the same day it self @ Los Angeles canadian consulate? Appreciate your response. Thanks Babu
  12. babu99

    5 March 6 visa Approvals @ Vancouver

    hi h1bxplorer, I'm also attending on 04/11/2012 @vancouver,please reach me out on babu99.ds@ gmail dot com
  13. babu99

    Vancouver Visa Experience - Mar 1st

    Congrats and Thanks for the excellent explanation.
  14. Hello Vmall, I'm also planning to go LA for canada visiting visa, Can you please let me know how many days it took for your friend when he was attended in person in LA. Is it like same day or next day etc. Appreciate your response. Thanks Babu
  15. I'm also in the same boat.Instead of the letter i will get an email about my roles & responsibilities and my duration. Is this enough to mange? Please advise me guys Thanks Babu
  16. I'm also in the same boat, my manager will give my roles & responsibilities and duration in that email but not like our company is not offering letter like that. Is this works?Please advise gurus. Thanks Babu