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  1. I got audit on sep-08-21015. requested the following and Submitted both . i am on 5 th year of h1b. this is my second labor. 1. Requesting employer to provide recruitment supporting process documents 2. Requesting employee an affidavit that no payment was made to the employer by me to file labor/perm. In this case what's happened most ?
  2. rafi

    Interesting PERM Case/ Audit Please help

  3. rafi

    Need Help on Perm Audit

    My case also same scenario. please let me know the status this audit . i am in fifth year of H1b. First PERM rejected . This is Second PERM with Same Employer.
  4. rafi

    EB2 eligibility ?

    EB2 eligibility ? I have a bachelor degree of 3 years and a 2 year master degree(Both are India Degree). Along with that I have a work experience of 5.5 years of which 4 years and 3 months is prevoius company experience. my employer told "3 year bachelors with 3 year masters plus 2 years or more of Previous Company work experience " you are eligiable to Eb3 Please Advise