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  1. Any update on if DOL is giving concession for Employers with PWD/AD expiry during shutdown and inability to file the same?
  2. thums123

    Paper Filing Timeline

    That is where the confusion starts. No one is doing paper filing and currently it looks like DOL is not accepting them as well. As you rightly pointed out even during normal cases, people were telling that it would roughly take more filing on paper filing. Kindly keep posted on your approach.
  3. thums123

    Paper Filing Timeline

    AILA has received reports from members that common courier services (e.g., FedEx) have been unable to deliver to DOL. So not sure but is worth a try,
  4. Any specific reason why did you not apply for request for reconsideration?
  5. Can you please let me know how long it takes for motion under Government Error? Perm got denied because of less experience than requirment but I do have the experience and Lawyer says they will appeal because its government error with all the original experience letters. Please let me know the chance of success and your experience if any, or should I go for a new PERM.
  6. thums123

    uscis rule on paying salary in $?

    What your employer did is correct. He cannot pay you since you are no longer in H1B status
  7. thums123

    Does longer stay in B1 will have any affect on H1B

    This alone should not have an impact but yes staying more than 4 weeks might result in extra scrutinization
  8. thums123

    H1B Extension/Renewal 6 year and beyond

    Yes you can assuming your previous employer had not revoked I-140 and I-140 is Active.
  9. thums123

    Need urgent help regarding H1b visa

    For any immigration purpose you have to show only the real experience. So yes you will have trouble showing the experience for which you have not worked.
  10. thums123

    Can I go to India if H1b is under processing

    Yes you can.
  11. thums123

    L1 B expires on Sep 21 and H1 B applied

    This might work but even though the new I-94 allows you to stay for Longer, you are definitely out of status since the Max stay is only 5 years. However you are not accuring any unlawful presence because of the new I-94. You might run into problem during future emplyoment like GC. So plan accordingly.
  12. thums123

    Starting GC in 6th year

    You have to file PERM before 1 year to have the H1B extended for an year. If you have approved PERM, then you can have the H1B extended for an year. Try to have PERM filed ASAP and once approved file I140 on Premium. You can get H1B extension of 3 years.
  13. thums123

    L1 B expires on Sep 21 and H1 B applied

    You can check if you can recapture any time spent outside USA that is not counted as part of this 5 year. If not you are out of status from sep 21st. You will have to go back to India.
  14. Belle/JoeF/Attorney, Please clarify. Really appreciate your efforts
  15. One of my friend need clarification on this and please clarify? Is it general that one has to Pay for I-485/I-131/I-765 for the dependents? Here is what he was told:- The lawyer fee and USCIS filing fee for I-485, I-131 (Advance Parole) and I-765 (EAD) of all the dependents shall be borne by me and will be paid at the time of filing.