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  1. Hi All, I have visa appointment on Jan 13 at Vancouver and will be arriving on Jan 11. If anyone interested in sharing accommodation from Jan 11 drop an email to the email id mentioned in my profile. I haven't booked anything yet so if anyone wants to share the room let me know so that we can plan together. Thanks
  2. Hi BMR413, I am having visa appt on Jan 13th so I will be coming to Vancouver on Jan 11. Let me know if we can share an accommodation from 13th. Thanks
  3. Hi, I have my H1B stamping on January 13th in Vancouver, Canada.. is there anyone on same day. I am planning to fly to Vancouver on Saturday 11th January and if anyone wants we can share accomodation. You can reply here or can drop an email to the id in my profile. Thanks
  4. sreddy_h1

    221g guys @Vancouver ?

    So whats the total no of people waiting in Vancouver with White 221g? As of now i know 3 guys including me waiting from 2 weeks. Lets keep tracking the cases so that we can get an idea how much time it would take to get the 221g white cleared. I know Chandra got 221g on March 21st and got it cleared yesterday after client was contacted and replied. It took 8 days for him to get his passport back with the stamp.
  5. sreddy_h1

    221g guys @Vancouver ?

    Brutz, Are you still in Vancouver ??
  6. Hi Brutz, What was the query about and r u still in Vancouver?
  7. sreddy_h1

    Admin Processing- H1B Vancouver March 6th

    Hi nsreddy, Did you get your passport back?
  8. sreddy_h1

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    Hi Kiran, I am in the same situation and got a 221g today at Vancouver. Staying in Days Inn. Which room are you staying in. We can catch and discuss. You can contact me on ************** yahoo co in. I will also make my email id visible in my profile Thanks
  9. sreddy_h1

    221G White Slip in Vancoover

    Hi Guys, I got a 221g today March 23rd at Vancouver. I got a RFE at the time of H1 B petition to submit the contract between client and my Employer so they asked for the RFE document which my employer got. Mine is a EC model. I went to the consulate and submitted the documents the same day to the VO directly. They went inside and had a discussion with couple of other people. The VO came back and told me that they have to verify something and might take not more than 2 weeks. but cant guarantee anything. She kept my passport, DS160, Client Letter, I-129 Petition, I-797 Original. I am staying at Days Inn in Downtown. If anyone is in similar situation and are planning to wait in Vancouver you can contact me on my email id ***************** at yahoo co in so that we can share the accommodation if its ok. Thanks
  10. Hi Mahesh, Where are you guys planning to stay... we have a reservation at Days Inn a block away from consulate. We will be in Vancouver by Saturday evening mostly. Lets catch up on Sunday or Monday after the interview. We have our interview at 10 AM Monday.
  11. Hi Everyone, I am having my visa interview on March 25 at Vancouver. Lets gather in this topic and discuss if we have any questions before and after the interview. I am leaving on March 23 to Seattle and driving from there to Vancouver. We are 3 guys together so any else wanna join us or wanna discuss anything reply to topic or can email me at sandstorm_4uin at yahoo.co.in I know a lot of people are saying its pretty easy to get a visa stamp at Vancouver but lets be prepared for anything that comes our way. All the Best to Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. sreddy_h1

    Visa Stamping for Third time

    Hi Sruthiwsk, I am in the same situation as you and my 2 petitions were sent back to USCIS for the same reasons in Hyd. I got my new petition approved from my vendor for the same client. I am also thinking of attending the Chennai consulate instead of Hyd but my attorney told me not to go to Chennai if the dates are available in Hyd. If the interview dates are not available in Hyd then we can go to Chennai. Not sure what to do now... kind of confused. I your case i think you can attend the Chennai consulate as you are working near Chennai which is a valid reason.
  13. Hi Everyone, I attended a visa interview in May at Hyderabad Consulate and i got a yellow 221g. After 4 months it was sent back to USCIS which is till under processing. So my vendor applied for my H1 and it got approved for 1 yr. So now my I-797 has - Consulate Notified: Hyderabad. Can i attend the visa interview at Chennai consulate instead of Hyd? When i asked my attorney he said that the visa officer may ask me why didnt i go to Hyd Consulate and if i cannot give a valid reason he might reject my visa but i saw a lot of people attending 2nd time at different consulates rather the one in/near residing state. I am so confused that i am not able to decide what to do as i have seen a lot of people getting rejected in Hyd so dont want to take the risk again but if the visa officers asks me like my attorney said i am not sure what to answer. Please help me as i have all the documents in hand and waiting for booking an interview date. Thanks In Advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!