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  1. Hi, I have question on agreement (bond) related to employment based green card. I joined company 'X' 2008 which is acquired by company 'Y' (Big MNC) in 2010. There was no agreement for processing employment based green card from company 'A'. Company 'Y', drafted an agremeent with $20k penalty if the employer leave the company within one year after receiving the green card. I got green card 3 months ago and planning to leave company 'Y' due to tremendous work pressure. What options do I have? 1) Pay $20k and resign. 2) Dont pay $20K and fight. 3) Negotiate the deal to reduce the amount. Please refer any attornies who are specialized in fighting these types of cases. Your help will be appreciated. Patas.
  2. patas

    Green card bond

    Hi All, Please advise on the bond for Green Card Processing. 1. I worked for company A for one year. 2. Company A is acquired by Company B (Billion dollar MNC). 3. I worked for company B for 4 years. 4. During the acquisition it is the part of the agreement to sponsor the green card for all employees of company 5. A. Company B requested all the employee of A to sign bond for green card for 20K after 2 years of acquisition. 6. The bond says – employe should work at least 1 year after getting green card. If employee leaves after working company B for 4 years (after 1 month of getting green card). Is employee B liabile to pay $20k? Are these bonds legal? Please advise. Thanks.
  3. My current employer is filing labor tomorrow.
  4. My ex-employer is split into 5 different companies. I can't track any employee from HR. I got I-140 from the attorney.
  5. My current employer says - They can't file H1 extension based on earlier Labor/approved I-140 as the priority date is current. He is again pursing GC process from scratch by applying labor in first week of Dec, 2013. What chances do I have to stay in this country legally beyond Jun, 2014? - if I the labor doesn't get approved by Jun, 2014.
  6. It is not revoked. I checked with my earlier employer.
  7. Yes. the employer is different. I could track down my earlier I-140.
  8. Sorry for the confusion. I got my labor and I-140 cleared back in 1999. My company iniating GC from the beginning in EB3 category. I fought for EB2, but it doesn't matter as the dates are current for EB2/EB3. As per my attorney the dates are current for India. Will the NEW labor get cleared before Jun, 2014, so that I can file 1 year extension? They cannot file the extension based on earlier labor approved.
  9. My H1B is expiring in Jun, 2014. I work for big consulting company. My attorney says - they will file the labor next week (PERM is done). What are the chances that I will get labor cleared before Jun, 2014?. My priority date is in 1999. I was india few years before coming back to US six years ago. Can I stay in US legally when the labor is on?
  10. Hi, My employer has a client in Canada and pushing me to work there. Can a H1B visa holder legally work in canada on canadian work visa? OR I go there on canadian business visa to attend meetings? Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hi, My H1b visa stamp in passport is expiring on Jun 30, 2012. I am goingto go to India and return to US around Jun 9th. I will have approved I-797 before I leave. Will it be any problem at POE in US or at Indian airport during my return trip? Your inputs will be appreciated. Thanks. VJ.
  12. Got my passport with visa stamped. Here are the case details. 1) Have common muslim name 2) Consulate: Hyderabad 3) Visa Interview Date:22-Dec-2011 4) Passport Submitted:23-Jan-2012 5) Received Passport:29-Feb-2012.
  13. Case Processed. Passport Couriered. Will check Passport and update.
  14. I talked to VFS as I am similar situation. You should have strong reason to get the passport back as per VFS. I said - My employer wants me to send to other country for job.