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  1. guys i got 221g blue. direct employee and interview was straightforward. the visa officer said everything is good with my case but they need to do administrative processing and i was handed a 221g blue. now i am back in the US and those two months dont seem too much now. good luck guys!
  2. just got my approval email asking to submit passport for visa stamping!! this is great news. interview date : 9th January Approval: 9th March goodluck to everyone. if your case is straightforward you should definitely get the visa!!!
  3. frozeninn

    H1B Visa stamping @ Ottawa on Jan 3rd 2012?

    221g-victim, i got 221g on Jan 9th. what is ur status ???
  4. 14th Feb and still waiting :(:(
  5. was interviewed on 8th Jan and got 221 g. anyone interviewed in Jan and got their approval email ???