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  1. monika11

    H1B amendment fee

    Amendment = Death, you will surely be stuck !
  2. monika11

    H1B stamping in india or canada

    Nobody cares, do some scam, marry a citizen and cry for life then later
  3. Yeah right Raaj. a big lol at you !
  4. 7 Feb: EVC: Vancouver: h1b Stamping Rejected :( So this above link was my Rejection at Vancouver Hello guys, How are you all. Well i am back in US after being rejected and slapped at Vancouver
  5. I am MARRIED and BACK in US :) :) hahahhahahaha..... you cant stop me !
  6. Relax guys before you start shouting on me or saying comments that does not help anyone in any way. I received 221g and then later rejection. I don't know krsepuri which people you are referring to, i guess smiling faces always are the 1st one's to be noticed as teary faces go into the dark quickly. Q's asked were around employer, client, and vendor along with their documents, LCA, 797, paystubs, tax docs etc. Will try to answer any more questions that you may have, i am still in transit.
  7. Just like everyone here, i was also very positive seeing everybody at Vancouver getting approved and went in there last week and got rejected now today. I would say now that don't believe in rumors and these posts, as reality is very harsh and different. Received 221g white and now my life is over. Gave all docs to them: client letter, employer letter, paystubs, tax returns etc, answered all questions but i think i got influenced by reading other people stories here and i should have gone to Ottawa where another friend of mine got her's stamped last week and another one got it today. I would say goodluck to everyone but just don't listen to what stories people are saying here as in my case, despite having good employer and everything, i am rejected. Option is to return India and struggle again or i guess i should marry and h4 is the way to go. Don't really know if i should thanks murthy forum but still it's been a good support in terms of gathering all documents etc. Goodluck everyone. For me it's dark days and long flights back home.