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  1. Hi Venkat, can you please send me a link, what are the process to book appointment in matamoros Mexico. That will help me a lot. I am planning to go for stamping in this month. Thanks.
  2. pavan47

    Can we continue our PERM processing with X-Employer

    Hi Buddy, I am in same position. U decided to go full time. I am in the middle, to take decision or not. Please can i give you a call .. How can i ask my present employer that i am going to fulltime. Please suggest. Thanks.
  3. Sorry July 2 nd Calgary counslate. If any one please let me know. Thanks...
  4. Hi guys, One of my friend having interview on July 2nd. Looking for accomodation for male. If any one going to the same day please post it here. We are in NJ, if any one in NJ that should be great... Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I got visa approved on Aug 23rd. They ask only two documents for me. Client letter and 2011 w2. Thats it. Questions... How long you are working with this employer? Who is your previous employer? What is your current salary? Who is your end client? And letter they ask? What is your previous salary? Please show mw the 2011 w2? Who is previous client? Who paid for your H1 processing? How long you work for your previous client? How long your working for current client? Thats it, YOUR VISA GOT APPROVED. If you have any questions please do let me know. Thanks, Pavan.
  6. Yes i got it along with my passport. Thanks.
  7. Sum, No problem you can go if you want. Thanks, Pavan.
  8. Hi Guys, Mine is EVC. Thanks, Pavan.
  9. Hi there, Am a active member since 2 months. My type is EVC model. I have all the client, vendor letter... Recently i changed my client, am done with the Amendment.. Is there any thing i need to take care. Is it good time to go for stamping and which place is best place to go. Please help me these things, it will help me a lot... Thanks.....
  10. pavan47

    Anyone - Appointment on August 20th @ Vancouver.

    Hi Guys, Please share your experience. Thanks.
  11. pavan47

    Visa interview on 22nd August @ vancouver

    Hi Dude, I have an interview on Aug 23 rd. Please send me your details we can talk about accomodation. Thanks, Pavan.
  12. Hi, I hope you guys got the VISA's. Can you please share your experience. That will help us a lot. Thanks..
  13. Hey, Whole Oct month have the available dates except 8 th and 17 th..
  14. Hi, As per my knowledge don't need to pay the fee again. Just update the application ID after log in. Thanks.
  15. Hi Dude. For Canadian Visa see the below post.. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/35322-canada-visa-stamping-in-la/page__p__129736#entry129736 and then for slat and everything, see below post. This also from this Forum. You need to get a Canadian visit visa first(either through mail or in-person). This is the procedure for booking an appointment in Canada: Fill out DS 160: 1) Go to https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/ 2) Select any Consulate in Canada and start filling the DS 160 Application (If you pick a different consulate later, you will need to fill out a new DS 160 form from this website) 3) Complete the first page, and Save your Application,.(This can be completed before your Visa date) 4) Note the Application ID, which is Displayed on the top. - This is required to book a Visa Slot initially. Fee Payment $150: 1) Go to http://usvisa-info.c...country_welcome 2) Click Log in on the Top, and answer NO to the Question that pops out. 3) Create an Account with all your details 4) Log in to your Account after creating the User Credentials. 5) Pay the Fee using Credit Card. Book an Appointment: 1) Log in to your account on http://usvisa-info.c...country_welcome 2) Enter the DS 160 Appointment ID, to continue and choose the dates. 3) Select a Consulate and search for the dates. 4) If you confirm the appointment in a different consulate, you will need to enter a new DS 160, specific to that consulate and update the Application ID on your account from the same log in. 5) Book an appointment with some Application ID as the required Dates are tough to get, and change the ID later as per the consulate. Thanks. If you need anything post it here....
  16. pavan47

    My experience at Vancouver

    Congrats dude, Thank you for sharing your experience.
  17. Hi dude, Please share your Visa experience. It will help us a lot. Thanks..
  18. pavan47

    Visa Interview on June 26th

    Hi Guys, Please share your experience. I am planning to go in next month for H1b stamping to Vancouver. Your suggestions and experience are help me a lot .. Thanks....
  19. pavan47

    H1B amendment (if state and client is changed)

    Hi, Good and best idea is file an H1b Amendment with new client. Your LCA and your I129 should match the recent Client. Thanks.
  20. Hi Dude, Aug 23 rd is available. Pavan...
  21. pavan47

    Canadian consulate NYC for visit visa on 6/25

    Dude, I am not sure, but some one went in person in last week to NY. He got VISA. Please check below post.... http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/40597-canada-visiting-visa-in-ny/page__fromsearch__1 Pavan...
  22. Hi Guys, I am planning to visit Canada in next month for H1b visa stamping. I have a question regarding the DS-160. First i started to fill the application and then i save it, i did not complete the form. Then i tries log in http://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome using DS-160 application ID. My question is in Ds-160 i selected Vancouver consulate, now i want to change to Ottawa. How can i change the application ID in log in page... What do i need to do,,,, Do i need to fill up DS-160 again and where can i update with DS-160 application ID in log in page. Please guys can you suggest me... Thanks in advance. Pavan.
  23. pavan47

    DS-160 question --- urgent

    Thanks Guys.....
  24. Hi, Yes we need to, if you go for stamping that should be must right.. LCA and your I 797 should match the current client details. Pavan..
  25. pavan47

    Canadian consulate NYC for visit visa on 6/25

    Hi dude, I think you forgot to mention I797.. That one is missing in your list.. Pavan..