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  1. Vinayprirajin84

    H4 Dependent Help

    You need to change status to H1B .. there is no asylum option here . If you are in talking terms with ur husband still, you can request him to extend H4 for you so that you can take care of your children. there are not many options.i would recommend you to contact Murthy to know ur options more
  2. Vinayprirajin84

    H4 EAD Filing Process

    First and foremost ... you need H4 approved. documents to send: i797 approval copy, I140 approval copy of H1B applicant,I94, passport copy, I765 form(made sure ur revision date is valid) extra items - not compulsory to send: marriage certificate copy and old ead copy
  3. Vinayprirajin84

    H4 application I-539 denied due to abandonment

    If u file through online every communication is through email not postal mail. Try to contact immigration lawyer .. also contact ur company as they are the ones who file together H1 and H4 together
  4. Vinayprirajin84

    Form I-539 Part-4 Immigration question

    NO, NO, NO
  5. Vinayprirajin84

    H4 EAD and H4 COS

    did you not get H4 approval ? but got H4 EAD instead first. lucky you as many are waiting after H4 approval still for there H4EAD. contact the person who filed for you to check to see, if they got any approval notification on H4.. in some cases, the cases will remain in that status for along time in the portal. also contact USCIS , i suspect, your postage might be misplaced. since if you got H4 EAD, then thats the date of your validity for I-94 also.
  6. Vinayprirajin84

    GOT RFE on H4 -- Response help

    GOT RFE on H4, which we are responding.. do we need to send the response only in the envelope what they enclosed ? As its a lot of paper which wont fit in that envelope can we use mailing envelope to send the response ?
  7. Vinayprirajin84

    Filing H4 for my wife along with my H1B petition

    Even if yours H1B is selected and got approved.. ur H1B will start on OCT legally.
  8. Vinayprirajin84

    H1b to h4 change of status

    the easiest way instead of all this is... go to stamping and enter back. without any tensions. dont know about other financial and other issues(kids school) related here for your case.
  9. If there is an employee employeer agreement signed by you ? then may be there might be chance he is requesting you money showing that document. But as far as i know it is illegal in few states not all. try this below.. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/freedom-information-and-privacy-act-foia Also check your I94 since your status got changed..
  10. Vinayprirajin84

    RFE for client and vendor letter

    RFE responded with vendor letter but no client letter.. As client policy is not provide letter. Will my application will be rejected ? as i have provided other supporting client documents(emails and things, ID )
  11. Vinayprirajin84

    On OPT...New H1B denied...what are my options

    hello.. my OPT is expired.. luckily my H1 is picked but it got RFE and it still pending after responding to RFE.. can I still work when my H1 status is not approved or denied still ? What other options I have ? Am i doing something wrong ?
  12. Vinayprirajin84

    H1 Stamping in Hyderabad

    i received it on Wednesday
  13. Vinayprirajin84

    H1 Stamping in Hyderabad

    Hi all, Its time to share my experience of stamping in Hyd on 27 Aug 2018. I went with family for H1 stamping and H4 stamping with kid ( US Citizen).. the timing of the interview was at 10 AM. but somehow i end being at the consular center around 8:45AM - 9AM. I was in interview line at the same time.. Even though my time was at 10, they allowed me at 9 AM line. As many said.. about the security check and things... I will skip all these and jump straight into interview.. Was at the counter 9 ... I wished the officer..who was lady. She was pretty easy and friendly, She requested only passport.. so, provided 2 passports... then she saw us and said.. Is he US Citizen.. said yes,.. and she played with the kid for few mins.. Questions : who is your employer ? do you have end client ? who is it ? what is your annual Salary ? Where do you live ? ----- H4 Questions : how long both of you have been married ? Is he the only child ? thats it.. not even a single document asked ... other than the passport.. said your visa is approved...
  14. Any Visa Stamping in HYD this week ? not seeing any posts
  15. Vinayprirajin84

    Urgent --- H1b Revoked

    First thing.. change your employer. contact immigration lawyer.