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  1. suri5001

    Can start a consulting company on EAD?

    dude why do u want to get into the mess of a consuting company. considering the amount of site visits uscis is doing these days,its really hard to maintain one without issues. if things get screwed reagrding paying employees and not following h1b rules even though minor will land u into deep s**t. thats my suggestion. keep urself safe until u get a GC.atleast u wont be kicked out showing some weird reason on 485.
  2. suri5001

    H1 amendment and travelling to India on same client

    forget everything and file an amendment and lca for the new location. if u are selected in the random audit,they will find that u are not in the location of your approved h1b petiiton and this location is different.this is enought to revoke ur h1b petition. whover siad that u dont an amendment is an absolutely dumb. Ask your B to file an amendment.
  3. suri5001

    Checking case status legality

    uscis does not have enough time to process the applications. they dont have time for this non sense. its like u are getting info as which number is being processed.no privacy is broken. well checking a thousands of numbers takes u no where.these are random numbers with no personal info attached to it.all it says is the type of applcation and the date and status.it does not link to anyone.its similar to a random clinical trial they use in research.every person is assigned a random number so that no one make sense of the data or realte it to a person.the only people who can make sense out of it are the person to whom the number belongs and USCIS.for anyother person its nothing but garbage.talking about privacy makes no sense atleast in this situation. i am not saying to do it,but suggesting that it would be useless as most of the analysis we make makes no sense considering the randomness of uscis approvals.
  4. forget it and stay here.
  5. suri5001

    Address Change after filing 485,EAD/AP

    dude.file ar11. when a number is available in future and if they ask u supporting docuemnts again,u will be screwed as ur paystubs will show a new location. file AR11 and forget it.
  6. suri5001

    EAD AOS - F1 OPT

    no need to transfer. she can start using GC EAD right after her studies.she will be permanently under AOS until 485 approval. i am not sure if u can apply for F1 EAD. I am in a similar situation.but I got my F1 EAD a month before we became current and applied for GC EAD later.I got my GC EAD later. right now I have 2 EAD and I plan to use my student EAD.
  7. suri5001

    EAD and H1B with different employers

    u can use ur EAD.no transfers needed. stya with the employer who is sponsoring ur GC as he is the major factor.
  8. suri5001

    EAD or H4

    once u are on EAD, u dont need to have anyother status as u will be on AOS until ur 485 is approved.
  9. suri5001

    OPT EAD vs GC based EAD

    ur employer is dumb. he knows nothing.u can file for GC EAD. I got my F1 EAD in mid january with a start date of Feb1. my wife became current as of feb bulletin and we both applied for EAD/AP.Both of got GC EAD. If your husband is currently using F1 EAD,he can continue on it as long as its valid. Once it expires ,he can switch over to GC EAD.If he wants he can switch to GC EAD right away which will void hio continue has ts F1 status and has to continue on AOS. If he ever travels outside the country,he has to come back on AP and cannot come back on F1 visa alrhough it has validity. this is the info I got from my lawyer.. go ahead with it.
  10. Filing 485 will not void your 485 status. Its like H1b people not losing their H1b status if they are filing for AOS.they will lose their H1b only if they ever use their EAD/AP.
  11. Hi The best person to ask is your DSO. I am in the same situation with a little difference. I got my F1 OPT EAD which has a start date of Feb,2012 and valid for an year. In feb I filed for AOS along with my wife as she is the primary applicant. We received our GC EAD for both of us by Mar 2012. Now I have 2 EAD's. After reading these posts,I called my laywer to clear up on certain things. he told me my F1 status does not get void as some people said in the prior posts. My F1 is valid and is renewable as long as our AOS remains pending. He susggested to use F1 EAD as it has advantages of not having medicare and social security taxes. Once the green card is approved and when u renter the United states,be sure to use GC and not your F1 status.In that case ur GC becomes void. But when u are entering the USA while your GC is pending, u can use either your F1 status or GC EAD to enter.If u use enter using GC EAD,u have to continue on your GC EAD. In your situation if u start using GC EAD for a CPT internship,it might void your F1 status.Please contact your school official regarding this. U cannot use both at the same time.I am very sure about this. Take advice from your DSO and a lawyer before u proceed.
  12. suri5001

    January 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    I really doubt the people who post they received EAD/AP before FP. As far as my knowledge goes,its impossible.The whole point they do the FP is that they want to make sure they are not giving EAD to someone with criminal records. There is no way giving the EAD first and doing FP later, which totally defies the purpose. I know all this because,i was told by a rep at NSC when i applied for my student EAD last year. They need your picture and code2 biometrics for I 765 which is mandatory.They will use the picture for your EAD card taken during the FP. code 3 biometrics (all 10 fingers is required for FBI check)
  13. suri5001

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    I think they are issuing the FP notices based on the priority dates. I have friends who received FP with earlier priority dates and some of them with late priority dates are still waiting for FP notices. This is my conclusion based on the facts.
  14. suri5001

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    Done with the finger printing today morning as scheduled.it was a mess.they tried my thumb at least 15 times before it finally accepted.I thought it was simple.my fingers gave me a lot of trouble.The staff was so patient and they kept on trying until the machine accepted. EB2-India Service Center : Texas(TSC) Priority Date : Mar , 2009 Priority date curent in Feb, 2012 Applied I-485, I-131(AP) and I765(EAD) on Feb 1, 2012 +dependant Receipt Date: Feb 01, 2012 Notice Date : Feb 7, 2012 Received receipt notice in mail: Feb 9, 2012( receipts cannot be tracked online, as of this date) FP notice received in mail : Feb 21,2012 FP Appointment Date: Feb 29,2012 EAD/AP Approved : WAITING EAD/AP in mail : WAITING I-485 Approved : WAITING GC in mail : WAITING
  15. suri5001

    February 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    finally received FP notice. category-EB2 Mailed on 1/31/2012 delivered on 2/1/2012(phoenix center) received receipts on 2/10/2012(issued on 2/7/2012 by TSC) FP (code 3 biometrics) for 485 and 765 received on 2/21/2012(issued on 2/15/2012) FP scheduled for 2/29/2012.