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  1. I am planing to reach calgary on March 5h. If you are interested we can share accomodation. Please reach me at collegeb104 (at) gmail (dot) com Thank You
  2. Hello All, Can someone please let me know the avaialable visa appointment dates in Montreal before the second week of march or in the whole month of march. I have to get my visa stamped ASAP. Also paste the link where I can check the available dates for any consulate in Canada. Thanks in advance.
  3. collegeb104

    H1B Visa stamping in Canada: Toronto or Ottawa?

    @@livliv, what did you exactly meant by circumstances??
  4. collegeb104

    H1B Visa stamping in Canada: Toronto or Ottawa?

    @@Chitown01, I am on EVC. Are you saying that EVC are getting stuck both in Ottawa and Toronto? If so, do you have any idea about the processing times?
  5. Hello All, I am planning to go to Canada for my H1B Visa stamping. I am thinking of going to Ottawa or Toronto. Please suggest me a consulate which has high percentage of H1B approvals in recent past. I am more inclined towards Toronto as I have friends living in Toronto. I need to take a decision ASAP. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.