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  1. Hi All, Went for H4 visa dropbox before last week and got a call to come to the consulate for fingerprints. Does it mean there will be an interview required further? Has this happened to anyone recently. Please share your experience. Thanks,
  2. Thank you for your feedback Chitown01 - i found a link from the chennai consulate which states copies of 797 and I 129 are required, but I am very sure that everybody going for a H1 visa stamping go with their originals and not copies. I need a reference from USCIS or a consulate website to show that I need these for visa stamping. If I go with a copy I am pretty sure there will be an issue. Moreover most of the fulltime employees(my friends) are provided with these documents in original by their employers. I am still browsing USCIS, VFS and consultate websites for this information with no luck. Any info on these is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I have two serious issues 1. I am planning to go for my visa stamping to India my currently employer who holds my H1b is not willing to issue my original I797 and I129 documents in original. Are there any details on USCIS or VFS website which shows that the employer must issue the original I797 and I129 documents to the employee. Please it is very urgent.... 2. I was only provided with my i-94 bottom part of the approval and the DOB on that is wrong. Will this be an issue if I go for stamping. If yes what are the corrective steps to get that changed. Please help me... Thanks,
  4. Hi, I am currently working a full time employee for a company in VA and my current employer being unaware of the visa stamping and all is not willing to provide me with my original I797 and I129 documents... Are there any details relating to this information on USCIS or VFS website which I can provide to my employer and clarify this with him. I have only been given my i-94 copy which comes with the approval. Please advise me on this ASAP, I should go to India for stamping. Thanks