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  1. Just out of curiosity, If the Client replies it is our policy not to answer those questions and embassy should contact the employer, will the visa be rejected ?
  2. abhishekreddy1

    221g white form-Ottawa Sept 17

    This is the regular questionaire they used to send few months back. Guys, verify and let ppl know here if they still ask the same questions. The U.S. Embassy Ottawa occasionally contacts petitioners and client companies involved with Non-Immigrant visa petitions in order to verify that information presented to the U.S. Consulate is accurate and valid. Please note that the H1B petition was filed by XXXX I would greatly appreciate if you would answer the following questions: Applicant: XXXXXX Who (you/preferred vendor/petitioner) supervises the applicant, and is such supervision off-site or on-site? 1.) If the supervision is off-site and performed by the petitioner, how does the petitioner maintain such supervision i.e. weekly calls, reporting to the main office routinely, or site visits by the petitioner? 2.) Who has the right to control the work of the applicant on a day-to-day basis if such control is required? 3.) Who determines the direction of the project? 4.) Who determines the applicant’s daily activities? 5.) Who provides the tools or instrumentalities for the applicant to perform the duties of employment? 6.) Who hires, pays, and has the ability to fire the applicant? 7.) Who claims the beneficiary for tax purposes?
  3. abhishekreddy1

    Successful Stamping Vancouver, Sept 26th

    @idcagreencard: If your manager does not give it, try emailing your HR about it. But someone has to mention that it is policy of the client not to give a client letter. I do not know if print out of some work emails will work out or not.
  4. abhishekreddy1

    Successful Stamping Vancouver, Sept 26th

    Maddy, In your case, it may still work out till the manager information is provided under it in the email. But I would advice you to get few more words from your manager in the email. If he is not willing to do that, atleast try to get another email from HR and show both the emails in the interview. The following is the format that I used in my email. It is the policy of <Client Name> to not provide this type of letter. Manager Name Manager Title Client Name Client Address Manager ph no: Manager cell number Manager email From: myemail Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 10:17 AM To: manager email Cc: my email id @employer.com , myEmployerManager@employer.com Subject: Request to provide me a Client Letter for my H1 Visa Stamping at Vancouver,Canada Hello <ClientManagerName>, Can you please provide me a Client letter with following details for my H1 Visa stamping at Vancouver, Canada ? 1. Project name and my responsibilities in the project. (<ProjName>) 2. Project duration mentioning the high possibility of my contract extension for a long term. 3. Work Location address in <CityName> (<Work Address>) 4. Relationship between <Client Name> and my employer <Employer Name>, my employer's right to control me and mentioning how I communicate with my employer (through phone). Thanks, My Name <My Title as in LCA> <Employer Name> Mobile: Desk: <MyEmailID@Employer.com> | <Employer Web link> <MyEmailID@Client.com | <Client Web Link>
  5. abhishekreddy1

    Average time to get passport back in Vancouver

    Mostly, you should get it back on Tuesday. I had my interview on Wednesday, got back my passport on Friday.
  6. My Visa got approved on Sept 26th and got passport back on Sept 28th. The following were the questions asked for my interview. How long with same employer ? How long with same Client ? Same time with employer and Client ? Yes Why changed ur employer ? Global company Client letter ? Showed an email that it is their policy not to give client letter. Which university ? Major ? Computer Science Masters ? Visa approved. Explain everything in only one or 2 lines. Other ppl who were interviewed were asked similar questions. If there are any labor complaints against your employer, they are checking all the documents in detail though they finally approve your visa if everything is alright. Good Luck Guys !
  7. abhishekreddy1

    Sep24 Or Oct1 Week - Vancouver Dates

    My 2 cents from personal experience, the dates will not open up immediately when you release it for U.S Embassy in Vancouver. It will take few hours.
  8. We are a group of ppl going in same week. Email me ur contact info at loka dot abhishek at gmail dot com
  9. abhishekreddy1

    H1B open slots in October @ Vancouver

    Even if someone cancels it will take atleast 1-2 hrs for the date to show up on screen. This is from my personal experience.
  10. abhishekreddy1

    h1b visa approved - but waiting

    Did you try contacting your client manager and check if any questions were asked on phone or email ?
  11. abhishekreddy1

    First Time H1B Visa Stamping in Brazil

    As far as I know, You are only allowed to go for stamping to Canada or Bahamas in ur case (F1-> H1, 1st time stamping). Correct me if Im wrong.
  12. abhishekreddy1

    Valid H1B stamp travel to US before Oct 1

    This is the email I got from Vancouver U.S embassy. You’re allowed to seek admission into the States 10 days prior to your employment start date. Please note your admissibility will be determined by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at the intended port of entry. Regards, Nonimmigrant Visa Unit US Consulate General Vancouver OP3
  13. abhishekreddy1

    H1B Visa Interview Documents CheckList - Canada

    @Appuser Please give me your email Id. I know a group of ppl who have visa interviews in Vancouver in last week of Sept including me. My email id is loka dot abhishek at gmail dot com
  14. abhishekreddy1

    H1B Stamping in Vancouver Sep 24

    I have it on Sept 26th vancouver. But I will in Vancouver on 24th night. My email id loka dot abhishek at gmail dot com
  15. abhishekreddy1

    Loomis Branch close to US consulate in Vancouver

    I think it's richmond