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  1. Omg, Today my status been updated to RFE. On October 7, 2013, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the requested information. This case will be in suspense until we receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires. Once we receive the requested evidence or information and make a decision on the case, you will be notified by mail. Folks, I am so much worried about. What are general things they ask about. How many more days will it take now. Thanks
  2. RFE depends case to case. And it's all luck and several other factors. Some other topic here, I saw several Premium processing cases approved within a week. And I am not sure about second question. I cannot comment on that.
  3. Hi, I believe that USCIS is busy allocating green card numbers which might expire by the end of the month. So lot of H1B applications are pending. Should even count the fresh applications of 2014 started this april. I heard that Premium processings in april led to RFE's which would buy some time to USCIS in this busy crunch time
  4. @kumarmurthy2013 USCIS website is not providing the correct update. I could see only one approval for April 1st so far. So it is beyond 4 months currently
  5. No man. Its not 2 months anymore. My last extension 3 years back took 4 months.
  6. wow congrats. Since you approval was on July 15th, It should be sooner for rest of April guys
  7. These are my details Case Type : H1B Extension ( extension beyond 6 yrs) Center: Vermont Service Center Received Date: April 10th 2013 Current Status: Initial Review So its beyond 3 months .. based on what I say from above posts. Thanks and shall update when status changes
  8. Only Key is ..."your actuall salary" should be same or more than that mentioned in LCA...but not less...
  9. vanc_boy

    Stamping Location Query

    @givemevisa.... You have gone through successful visa stamping twice..once for H1 and once for L1 for Company "A" right!! I think you can now go to Canada for staus change L1 to H1. Carry proper documentation like Client Letter, Payslips, W-2 etc Just sharing my opinion... All the best
  10. March 14 2012 is anyways 3 weeks ahead...!! And you are anyway going to fill up all the Visa interview applications DS-160 etc with your new h1B petition.. so new issues in that case. And you are with the current employer for 2 good years. So no problem..But just you might face a question "Why you changed your employer"..should have a handy and reasonable answer for that. And remaining things like Client letters, Work model EC/EVC are what are always there ....So good luck on your interview
  11. vanc_boy

    Chennai vs Vancouvar?

    Hi, If you are in EC and have client letter, there are good chances for success. As success rate in Canada is more than in India, Put your efforts in that direction rather than depending on luck. And choice of consulate depends on your travel preference and urgency and of course teh success rate you see in this forum.. Good Luck.
  12. vanc_boy

    H1B stamping in Vancouver or Ottawa

    Nothing of that sort has happened so far. Many including me travelled from eastern part to Vancouver. Have right documentation and be confident.
  13. Hi h136367 " Have you traveled to the other countries in last 5 years". The Question is "have you travelled to other Countries" Other here means , other than your country of residence and your home country. If you have not been to any third country, you are already good and no need to change it. Thanks
  14. Hi Arvigiri, There is no need of Masters for the stamping in Canada. I did not did masters here but got my stamping done in canada. So carry all your job related documentation and your previous 1-797 etc and you will be done. Good Luck.
  15. Yes you can fill up new DS-160 and reshedule your appointment to other consulate in canada. If you have paid 150$, the fee is valid till one year or till your interview done, whichever comes first. Take the application number of current DS-160 and choose an option use existing DS-160 to fill up new form. There you save all the time in refilling the application