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  1. Hello, Below is my experience when H4 Ead was returned to USCIS · Applied for H1b,H4 & EAD renewal on Sept 12 2018. Missed premium processing deadline by one day so had to go with regular processing. Had to leave the Job on Nov 11 as previous EAD expired. · All petitions approved on 3rd Jan, showed up on both USCIS websites. · Received Approval Receipts on 7th Jan 2019. EAD card Shipped on 7th with tracking# · EAD card reached my local post office on 9th . Same day about 4:00pm status updated “Retuned to sender, invalid house number at 1.54 pm” . · Ran to the post office but the post office mentioned the card went back with 2:00pm truck. PO also mentioned that they had incorrect house number on the package. · We opened a request with USCIS to resend the card. We also opened another request AR11 to change address. · Next day morning tracking showed it got scanned again at local post office. So went back again but the USPS guy was adamant that they do not have the card. He did not even try to look. I was dead sure card package was there. · Called USPS and opened request to intercept and redirect the mail back to us. Tracking showed the mail will be redirected, however the package kept moving to where it came. · Lastly, we contacted the post office which would deliver it back to sender. The mail guy said he will look for it and hold it. However, they did not hold it and delivered back to USCIS on 18th. USPS is bad at anything out of their normal processing and felt like no one had any intention to help or cared. · Looking at all the comments in forums and other places we weren’t really sure when we will get the car back. Previous company was willing to take me back but didn’t have patience to wait for card. · We took info pass appointment on 22nd Jan which was completely useless. The officer said I was legal to work if company allows. They cannot help any further. · Kept calling USCIS 2 to 3 times a week with no luck. The USCIS customer service was nice to talk but had no insight into the status of request. After 30 days of initial request on 10th they wanted to create another request, but I declined as I read on forums that their clock resets after new request is placed. · While scanning the forums I came across DHS ombudsman services. So on 18th I opened a request with Ombudsman assistance. I provided all the information including Info pass appointment, request#’s, new address and exact timelines. · On 20th received a mail from Ombudsman that they have contacted USCIS and will resolve the case asap. · On 21st received another email that USCIS will mail the card within 30 days. · On 22nd the status on USCIS website changed to Card is been mailed. But has no tracking# · I called USCIS and got the tracking number. On 25th the tracking got activated and I received the card on 26th. This time I went to post office and collected it from them. However the address on the mail was correct so I would have received it anyways. Few Suggestions for People Stuck in same situation. · If your local post office does not have the card its useless to work with USPS as no matter what they will not be able to stop the card from going back. I found couple people online whose cards were lost in the process. · The USCIS local post office who delivered card back mentioned to me that they cannot stop packages going back to government as they have been strictly instructed against doing so to avoid fraud. I think it makes some sense. · Do not open multiple request with USCIS, it does not help if you have too many requests. I understand we are frustrated and taking some action feels like better plan, but I believe it only makes it harder to get back card. Instead open one request and pull all your strings to get that fulfilled. · Although info pass was totally useless I believe putting that information in Ombudsman request showed the desperation I was in to get the card back. It might or might not have helped but try out all options. Different things work for different people. I believe all these info pass, ombudsman & Congressmen have ability to expedite the request. Its just the matter of who is willing to help. · None of above will entertain you until first 30 days of USCIS request is completed. So do not open a request before 30 days from initial request is complete Hope this helps someone stuck in this tough situation. I know how frustrating entire process is but having some patience goes long way.
  2. vshahade

    EVC = Suicide !

    Lot of people have quesions as to why USCIS is still approving the cases of so called Faudulent Consulting Companies(Desi or Non Desi) and then rejecting it when employees go back to consulate for stamping . Here is what I think is happening. Cost Factor, USCIS and US Economy(including Lawyer , Admins etc) Makes Close to $5000 on each H1b Application(Fresh or Renewal). Ideally H1b's are low crime, frud & health risk compared to other legal & illegal immigrants so It costs US absolutely nothing to have these guys here. Immigration factor By rejecting a case of a individual who is already present in US gives person 2 choices, leave the country or stay here illegally. Lets say 90% people leave country and 10 % dont, we are still talking a significant number. It costs US approx $35000/year/ illegal immigrant plus it is politically harmful. It also increases chances for more crime and fraud(eg credit, healthcare fraud etc..) 221G factor So considering above points, if USCIS approves a case the person will work for maximum 6 years , play taxes ~20,000/yr , Plus h1b fees X 2, Plus they wont have illegal immigrant problem. 100000 legal immigrants are better than 1 illegal. After 6 years a person will have apply for GC( fraud Wont get Past i-140 stage) or to travel to India where he/she will have to get Visa Stamped. USCIS has an oppurtunity to reject the case outright(This explains why some people are rejected without asking any questions) and not worry about him becoming ilegal immigrant or Delay the H1b using 221G if you are not sure about company's behaviour. USCIS knows A good company will retain their employee no matter what(Believe it or not it takes on average 6 months to hire a new good Employee) but a bad company will terminate empoyee on first sign of problem. That way USCIS could retain good employees and unwanted employees gets dropped on itself. This is a win win situation for USCIS. So by Approving Case at USCIS and rejecting it at consulate gives them oppurtunity to make money,avoid illegal immigration and still keep the fraudlent person out from getting long term legal immigration instead of rejecting at USCIs and losing all the money and a chance for a person to stay here illegaly. Trus me illegal immigration is long cut to becoming legal in USA, as no politician has guts to deport all illegal immigrants out. This is just my opinion and I might be completely wrong. This should not be considered a fact but looking at the behaviour I can only come down to this conclusion..
  3. This is really shocking. Send a letter to congress men or senator here and ask for explanation. Might not get any response but atleast you reported the incident to some one. Get an attorney. really sorry for this.As of me I always had a good experience talking to these VO's but they had no business talking to your wilfe like this even a event if your company was fake. Their right is to reject/Accept the visa on the suspision of fraud and nothing more.