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  1. vidyasnivas

    Apply for Canadian PR

    Hi, My husband and I were considering starting the process to apply for a PR in Canada as a backup option, given the political situation in the US. My question is if starting this process or getting the PR would interfere with the GC application we currently have underway or if if it would be a problem to the job he currently holds in the US. Thanks, vidya
  2. vidyasnivas

    Delay in getting H4 EAD card

    I got my H4 and EAD approved in a week since it was filed through premium processing with my husband's H1 renewal. But the card has not been issued for the past 3 months.
  3. vidyasnivas

    H-4 EAD I-797 NOA - approved but EAD not issued

    Hi, I have the same instructions in my H4 EAD approval notice and the card has not yet been emailed to me. Can you please let me know if you got your EAD card and share your experience. Thanks, Vidya
  4. vidyasnivas

    Delay in getting H4 EAD card

    Hi, I recently changed my visa from H1B to H4 and applied for EAD. I got the EAD approval notice but have not received the card yet (close to 90 days since the EAD got approved). I already have my SSN since I was working. I got a new job offer and have been asked to join in a week. Can someone please let me know if I can work with the approval notice instead of card at hand. I also called USCIS and they have created a new service request, which they said might take up to 60 days to process? Thanks in advance, Vidya Srinivasan
  5. vidyasnivas

    Stamping for H4

    This is really urgent. Can some one please respond?
  6. vidyasnivas

    Stamping for H4

    I am currently on H1B visa stamping with my current employer which is expiring on 06/30/2016. I applied for H4/H4 EAD through my husband's company and have an approved petition which starts on 07/09/2016. I am planning to go to India mid June and return after my stamping. Can some one please let me know 1. If I am eligible for Visa Stamping through Drop Box facility in Chennai 2. Will H4 to H1 be considered as same visa class? 3. Is there drop box facility available in Canada/Mexico?
  7. vidyasnivas

    Need help regarding DS-160

    Say Yes .. I mentioned 'Immigration petition filed by xyz company on MM/DD/YYYY'
  8. I had the same issue, the new DS-160 will automatically get effective. I had to create a new DS-160 due to discrepancy in name.
  9. Hi, I went for my H1B visa stamping in Chennai on Monday. Faced a similar situation. Though the visa officer did not tell me that my 797 was not visible, he made a copy of my 797 and petition. Status was showing as Admin processing since yesterday and changed to issued today. Good luck!!! Things will work out fine.
  10. vidyasnivas

    Multiple H1 B transfers

    I have been working in the U.S on H1B visa for the past 3 months. My employer is planning to transfer my visa to a different company as a part of consolidation process. I am trying to find another sponsor for my visa. Is it possible to switch employers when a visa petition is already in process? Will it create any problems if I switch employers during this process?
  11. vidyasnivas

    H1 and H4 issues

    Thanks for the clarification. I do have another question. Within how many days of getting my H1B approval should i start working? Thanks in advance.
  12. vidyasnivas

    H1 and H4 issues

    Hi, I am currently residing in the US with a H4 visa. I have applied for H1B visa last july and it is in RFE stage.My H4 visa expires on March 31,2012. To continue my stay here, my husband has added me as dependent(H4) while filing his visa extension(H1B). I have to visit India on an urgent business. Is it possible for me to travel on my H4 visa to India and get my stamping done there? Meanwhile if my H1B gets approved, will it be a problem for me when i return? Please help me understand the possible consequences of doing so.