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  1. mfh

    H1b Transfer

    If at all USCIS notices about a work experience out of campus without proper work authorization mentioned in the resume, I am sure the H1B tranfer willl not get approved but will that impact my current approved H1B? Thanks for response.
  2. mfh

    H1b Transfer

    Thank you for your response. The new prospective employer already has the resume that I submitted which has this troubled work experience. I am very paranoid of asking the HR to replace the resume with another resume minus the troubled work experience. How do I approach the HR with this concern?
  3. mfh

    H1b Transfer

    Originally H1B petitioner in 2010 [EVC model] had used a resume with only current project which strarted during OPT days. Now that a H1B transfer is needed , the New employer[Direct employment, Fortune 50] may submit a resume with complete work history of experiences earned during school days out of which one work experience is out of campus without proper work authorization. Would this cause a trouble in transfer? If yes need suggestion to best deal with this scenario. Any advice is greatly appreciated. much thanks.
  4. mfh

    H1B Transfer

    During the original petition of H1B only current project experience [OPT] was mentioned in the resume. Now that a H1B transfer is needed, the New employer [Direct employment,Fortune 50] may submit the petition with a resume of complete work history and multiple work experiences earned during school days. One of the summer work experience is real but off campus and did not have proper work authorization. Will this cause a problem in the transfer? If yes need suggestion to best handle this scenario to avoid trouble in transfer. Any advice is greaty appreciated. Thanks much.