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  1. I use to try different numbers below and above my receipt number. Any way mine still showing initial . Receipt date 30 nov 2011. H1b transfer regular Are there any one from November still waiting. I have seen latest approvals from Csc feb 15 2012. Regular processing. Please update your status and ideas
  2. receipt date nov 30 2011 regular process for h1b transfer still initial review no idea whats going on, I have seen many of them which are of dec20111 receipt date got approved. any idea? please share
  3. Sorry for missing 1 num and wac (which is center) All the below case looks like filed on 29 &30 nov-2011. here is the details I found.. feb 22 updates. wac1204150140. wac1204150204, wac1204150173, wac1204150183, wac1204150192, wac1204150196, wac1204150215, wac1204150333. updates taken on fenb 23 wac1204150231, wac1204150240, wac1204150174, wac1204150197, 294.
  4. I have seen some cases of nov-30-2011 updated on 22-feb-2012.. fyi.. 120415040, ..173, ..183, ..192, ..196, ..204, ..215, ..333 I am not sure when mine is going to get update which is of nov 30 2011 receipt-date for h1b transfer@csc Please update if any ...
  5. Any more updates on nov 2011 @csc..(transfers/extensions) Please update.
  6. Hi Neil, looks like they upgraded to PP.. Hope they do quickly on nov 2011 case
  7. Can we expect november 2011 cases by end of feb 2012?? or will it take more than three months in regular process? h1b transfer receipt: 30 nov 2011 2-2-2012 intial review.. its already more than 60 days
  8. Processing Type - Regular Type of App - Transfer H1B Receipt Date - 11/30/11 Status - Initial Review Processing center - California. when to Expect result?