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  1. thirdpaper

    N-400 What does "initial interview" mean?

    Thank you, @pontevecchio. More waiting ... sigh.
  2. Hello all, I have just received the notice to appear for Naturalization Initial Interview at the local USCIS office (Newark NJ). What does "initial" mean? If I pass the test that day, do I get citizenship the same day? Or do I have to wait for any more steps? Thank you for your responses!
  3. Hi, I completed my biometrics for Naturalization on Jan 25, 2017. On Jan 30, USCIS notified me that my "Case Is In Line For An Interview" and "we will send you an interview notice". What exactly does this mean? Will the status change when they actually send the notice? Or should I just expect a notice in the mail one day? Based on my reading these forums there is no fixed amount of time this could take. Just trying to understand what to expect, and when (will also need to study for the civics test). Thank you!
  4. thirdpaper

    Adding spouse to GC on F2A

    Thanks Belle!
  5. thirdpaper

    Adding spouse to GC on F2A

    Hello, I have been a Permanent Resident since Feb 2012. I plan on getting married soon and my future wife is already in the US on an F1 visa. As I understand it, she will be added to my GC on F2A, and I will apply as soon as we have the marriage certificate in hand. I will consult a lawyer for that. My question is :are there any preliminary steps to follow before that? Or can we just show up at an immigration lawyer's office and give them the required papers? Also, can I do this on my own without a lawyer? Thanks.
  6. As soon as PD becomes current, start creating your package. Make sure lawyer mails it out on June 30 by Fedex One Day. The reason I mention this is: depending on how dates move, you always have to be prepared for the risk that dates might retrogress on July 10th when the next VB is released and your PD might become ineiligible. So, you want the USCIS to receive your package on the 1st of july. It takes a few days for them to record your data, send out receipt notices, etc. and you want to make sure you are in the system before the 10th. After that, even if dates retrogress, you can at least get EAD and AP.
  7. thirdpaper

    EB3 India with Dec 2002 Priority Date

    Congrats! It took me far less, 5 years, but still by the end of it, I was very very tired as well. So I can imagine your wait. Good luck with the rest of the process, just a few more months.
  8. Hello, I received my GC in early 2012 (approved Feb 24,2012). As far as I know we should stay with the employer for 6 to 12 months after getting the GC to avoid problems at the Citizenship stage. I am just now staring to look for a job. By the time I actually get one and start with new employer, it will be past 24 Feb, 2013. My question is: do I need to hire a lawyer for the job change process? One who will ensure I am not breaking any rules, etc.? Just to be on the safe side? Or is it risk-free if I swtich employer after 12 months? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I received my Green Card in March 2012. I will be moving to a new address soon. Do I still need to file AR-11 Change of Address? Even as a Permanent Resident? Thanks for the help folks.
  10. thirdpaper

    Status update on USCIS website

    This is a widespread problem (do a search through this forum). No need to worry.
  11. December 2011 cutoff date was March 15, 2008. Are you sure he did not file in January?
  12. There is a whole, separate thread for that in this forum. Just follow that, it will be easier since that thread has detailed info of cases like RD, FP date, RFEs, etc. For the link, see post #3 of this thread.
  13. thirdpaper

    BioMetrics Appt in Philadelphia, PA

    I did not do early walk-in. But on my scheduled date, I had a 8 am appointment. I got there at 7:30, and was the third person in line. The ASC opens at 8:00 officially, but they let us in 5 minutes in advance. There are several counters inside and the process was unbelievably smooth. I was out of there by 8:07. The person who took my Biometrics was courteous, professional and extremely efficient. Hope this helps, good luck!
  14. If there are no RFE's, you might get it before the retrogression takes effect. I got mine in exactly 90 days and I have been following other cases where people got their 485 approved in around 90 days (both on this forum and ********). So, I would say hope for the best. But be prepared to wait.