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  1. Hi, I have recently got my Green Card but unfortunately my job will be over this month with the sponsored my GC. I have no option than looking for job outside. But read we should stay with the company for at least 6 months. Can anyone suggest what should we do in a scenario like this. Will that create trouble for me in future that I left my sponsored company. Thanks in advance..
  2. Hello, I have a question about the impact on EB1 Green card, my EB1 is current but don't know when will that come. Any idea, if I lose employment while before I receive the Green card, will it impact the GC process? Thanks in advance!
  3. This is regarding my green card. My birth certificate was registered late. So, I have to provide affidavits from my parents.
  4. Hi, I am a few questions regarding the documents needed to be provided in response to rfe. 1. Birth certificate has birthplace as the town and district but passport has the only district as birthplace is a very small town and passport office picked the nearest district, so that's in my I-485. The affidavit should say passport birthplace or the birth certificate birthplace. 2. My mother's name spells differently in my passport and her IDs, do I need to get her affidavit based on her ID spelling or spelling in my passport. Will that be considered as mismatch? Do I need to send IDs along with the original affidavit? 3. My 10th pass certificate has the town and district which changed to the new district and that's in my passport, will that be a problem? I don't know if I received any school relieving certificate. Shall I contact my school to provide a school relieving certificate? I left school more than 20yrs ago. Any suggestions, please. Thanks!
  5. My spouse's company has file EB1 but as per the situation, does not look like date is going to be current. Does anyone know how many months before we can apply for EAD Renewal? We are still using visa but in case we move to EAD, what's the process and how long it's taking to process EAD renewal. Thanks in advance!
  6. My I-140 got denied but I still have time with my visa. My GC was filed in EB2 Category. Does anyone know what should I do next and what are the options available? I don't want to appeal. Thanks!
  7. Hi, My first company is closed and its been more than 10 years. I need to provide experience letter for that period, attorney has suggested to get letter from previous supervisor but I have a question if letter in email form works or should I get affidavit from ex-manager. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I have to start my I-140 but before that I have to send all experience letters to the attorney but by mistake I have mentioned 2 months of my freelance work, per day 1-2 hrs. As that was not employment based I can't get experience letter or any other evidence. Please suggest, what other document I can provide to support those 2 months. And is there any possibility if I can remove that experience, my perm is already approved. Thanks, Goodluck
  9. goodluck

    Old B1 visa but still valid

    Hi, My spouse is having old B1 visa from 2006 but still valid. Can he travel to US with same B1 visa? Thanks
  10. Thanks all, my company file non cap H1 petition. Only concern is the date of joining if that should be within 1 yr of the date I left US.
  11. As you said, company can file H1 petition non cap and I got the approval, I will be going for stamping soon. I have a question if there a rule that I have to enter US and date of joining with that company should be within 1yr of the date I left US last year? Thanks in advance.
  12. I was working in US but moved to different country last year so I had to take the employment of new country branch but same company. Now I am planning to go back to US after 10 months, is my H1 still valid? Can I go back to US with just stamping done or company needs to file new H1? What should be procedure or options to go back to US and work with same US company. Thanks in advance
  13. goodluck

    Visiting US during cooling period

    I don't have any visa, planning to get US visitor visa. I have to visit US due to some personal matter.
  14. goodluck

    Visiting US during cooling period

    Thanks friends, I really appreciate. I was worried if it breaks my cooling period then I may need to start my 1 yr all over again.
  15. Hi, I have completed 6yrs in US and now I am in India to reset the cycle. Can I make short visits during cooling period for about 1 week? Will that impact my 1yr of cooling period? Thanks,